sáhkinum- VAI he pours out (liquid), pours forth nusáhkinum I pour it out sáhkinum s/he pours it out kusáhkinumumun you and I pour it out sáhkinumutuk Let’s pour it out! sg : sáhkinumsh Pour it out! pl : sáhkinumoq Pour it out! sáhkinut that he pours it out Yonáhqam aqu akuwôk wuci yôcánumuwôk kuski uqutôk, waci sáhkinum micuwôk pitôkanuk He sewed it under his coat with the opening near his throat, so that he could pour food into it. Sáhkinumhutut wucôquwôwah áhkasah pocináwuk …when their souls were poured out into their mothers’ bosom.

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