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oyôkoway NI valley oyôkowayush valleys oyôkowayuk in the valley Wacuwuk áhtá oyôkoway The valley is in the mountains.

sipowihs NI brook, stream sipowihsash brooks sipowihsuk in the brooks Sipowihs wácishá sipo A stream joins the river.

aqu- VAI he is clothed, dressed, gets dressed, wears (something) nutaq I am dressed aquw s/he is dressed kutaqumun you and I sg : aqush Get dressed! pl : aquq Get dressed! áqut that he is dressed Pitkôs côhtam áqunuk She wants to wear a dress. Mukacuks aquw wáci kon The boy is dressed for snow.

kohkokihs NA little owl kohkokihsak little owls kohkokihsuk in the owl Kohkokihsak ayuwak wacuk The little owls were in their nest.

aquniwôqat- VII it resembles, looks like aquniwôqat it looks like aquniwôqatash have it look like áquniwôqáhk it looks like áquniwôqáhks they look like Wacuw aquniwôqat nokunáhs The mountain resembles my grandfather.

uyuqômuwôk NI dream uyuqômuwôkansh dreams uyuqômuwôkanuk in the dream Nuwacônô wicuw uyuqômuwôk I had a good dream.

kôcuci ADV a little bit, only a little Nuwacônô cánaw kôcuci muni I have only a little money.

mikucut NI feces, dung, shit, manure mikucutuk in the feces Kuwacônum mikucut kumáhkus You have dung on your shoe. Kutôtanihkun náhtiyá mikucutuk You stepped in dog feces.

muni NI money (English loan; usually used in plural) munish money munik on the money Nuwacônô cánaw kôcuci muni I have only a little money.

-yuqáhs NA DEP niece, nephew nuyuqáhs my niece nuyuqáhsak my nephews nuyuqáhsuk on my niece wuyuqáhsah his niece/nephew Wuyuqáhsuwôwah ki You are their niece/nephew. Nuwacônô shwôsk nuyuqáhsak I have eight nephews.
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