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nupi NI water nupish waters nupik in the water Yo nupi kusapitáw This water is hot. Nupish musupskuk The waters were at the ankles.

wusqan- VII it is sharp wusqan it is sharp wusqansh they are sharp wásqak that it is sharp wásqaks that they are sharp Wásapak punitôk wusqan The slender knife is sharp. Wásqaks punitôk, côci wutowôtamsh Whenever the knife is sharp, you must be careful.

kopayáhs NA frog kopayáhsak frogs kopayáhsuk on the frog Kopayáhs apuw nupsapáquk The frog is in the pond. Kihtamsh sisikocik kopayáhsak Listen to the peeping frogs.

potá- VAI he blows, breathes heavily nupotá I blow potá he blows kupotámun you and I blow sg : potásh Blow! pl : potáq Blow! potát that he breathes heavily Potá sápahikanuk tápatôk He blows on the soup to cool it.

quctam- VTI he tastes it (deliberately), tries the taste of it nuquctam I taste it quctam s/he tastes it kuquctamun you and I taste it sg : quctamsh Taste it! pl : quctamq Taste it! qáctak that he tastes it Sápahik wikun. Quctamsh! The soup is good. Taste it!

kiyamô NA spoon kiyamôk spoons kiyamôk in the spoon Numic sápahik naspi kiyamô I eat soup with a spoon.

sun NI stone sunsh stones sunuk on the stone Aqi cáqan yo sun máhsunuman What is the stone like when you touch it? Sunsh kusaputásh kôkci yohtuk The stones are heated in a great fire. Sôhkinum nupi kásaputáks sunuk He pours water on the stones. Ni sun totay kôsuqôm piyôk mut apuw nitay That stone, where the witches came, no [longer] rests there.

yoht NI fire yohtásh fires yohták in the fire Yoht nukihtam I am listening to the fire. Sunsh kusaputásh kôkci yohták Stones are heated in a great fire. Mus katawi wustawáwak yoht, wáci wustawáwak micuwak They will be going to make a fire, so that they make something to eat.

kupat NI ice kupatunsh ices kupatunuk on the ice Niqi! Kupat wasapáyuw nupsapáquk Dangerous! The ice is thin on the pond.

putuqáyu- VII it is round putuqáyuw it is round putuqáyush they are round pátuqák that is round pátuqáks when it is round Nupsapáq putuqáyuw kisi-mushuyôn The pond was round after the great rain.
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