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inôk NI 1handle ‘what one holds with’ 2alternate: uyunôk) inôkansh handles inôkanuk on the handles Inôk sôyôqat The handle is cold.

iyáni ADV all sorts of, of every kind Iyakish iyáni citsak There are many kinds of birds.

kitasot NA king kitasotak kings kitasotuk on the king Qá kitasot qipinum wuskisuq qá wuyônumôwuqak And the king turned his face and blessed them.

kitasotam- VAI he is king nukitasotam I am king kitasotam s/he is king kukitasotamun you and I are king sg : kitasotamsh Be king! pl : kitasotamq Be king! kitasotamutuk Let’s be king! kitasotamak that he is king kitasotamhutut that they are king Ki kitasotamák, páhqáhunáw kahak If you are king, save yourself.

kow NA pine, fir kowák pines kowák in the pines Kow mutawi qunôkan The fir tree is very tall.

kutomá- VAI he sings nukutomá I sing kutomá s/he sings kukutomán you and I sing sg : kutomásh Sing! pl : kutomáq Sing! kátomát that he sings Micuwak yosh Manto miyáw, ôtay kutomák They eat these things God gives them, then they sing.

mitsu- VAI he eats, dines numits I dine mitsuw s/he dines kumitsumun you and I dine sg : mitsush Dine! pl : mitsuq Dine! mitsut that he dines Kisukahks numits Whenever it is daytime I eat. Kuwihqitumôsh, mátapsh qá mitsush Please, sit and eat!. Mitsutuk Let’s eat!

mushuyôn- VII there is a great rain, a lot of rain, a downpour máshuyôhk that there is a great rain máshuyôhks whenever there is a great rain Kupqat; mushuyôn iyo kisk It is cloudy; there is a great rain today.

muskam- VTI he finds it numskam I find it muskam s/he finds it kumskamumun you and I find it sg : muskamsh Find it! pl : muskamoq Find it! máskak that he finds it Ôkutak inkôtôk numuskam I found another picture. Mut numskam cáqan I cannot find anything.

muskaw- VTA he finds him numskawô I find him muskawáw s/he finds him kumskawômun you and I find him muskawutuk Let’s find him! muskaw Find him! muskôhq Find him! máskawôt that he finds him Putaqiq, qá kumskôyumô You all hide and I will find you. Wikuw skitôp akôhsihsuwak. Nátskawôt, mut tápi kumskawô A good man is not many. Looking, you cannot find him.
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