English to Mohegan


vain ákowi ADV in vain, for no reason, futilely
valley oyôkoway NI valley
vegetable micumwôk NI vegetable
verily wimuqut ADV really, truly, verily
vermilion wuyam NI face paint, body paint, vermilion
very mutáwi PART very, really, exceedingly, much winu PART very, extremely wusámi ADV too, extremely, very greatly
violence páhkshu- VTI he breaks it with violence
violet pishawáyu- VII it is purple, violet pishawisu- VAI he is purple, violet
virile ukôsu- VII it is virile, fertile, pertaining to the organs of generation
visit natawah- VTA he visits him
voice uyôtowá- VAI he speaks the Indian language, speaks such a language, has such a voice watáwatôqusuwôk NI a voice
vomit miyatam VTI he vomits it up miyatamowôk NI vomit, a bout of vomiting