English to Mohegan


uncle -sihs NA DEP uncle (probably originally ‘maternal uncle’)
unclean nuskinôqat- VII it is dirty, unclean
uncommon piyowi ADV strange, different, uncommon; foreign
under aqu PREP under
understanding owáhtamowôk NI understanding, knowledge
unless cánaw ADV only, but, unless
until paci ADV until
unwilling matantam-₁ VAI he is unwilling
up ômki- VAI he gets up, as out of bed qi ADV up, upward spushá- VAI he ascends, goes up into the air
up against ôp- INIT back, against, up against
upon waskici PREP on the surface of, over, above, upon
upright sôpwisu- VAI he is straight, upright
uprightly sôpwi ADV uprightly, straight
uprightness sôpwiyusiwôk NI uprightness (in doing), justice, righteousness
upside-down qunupáhto- VTI it encompasses, surrounds, turns itself around or upside-down
upward qi ADV up, upward wápimá- VII it arises, goes upward wápino- VAI he arises, goes upward wáwápi PREP above, high up, upward
urinate sukitam- VTI he urinates on something sukutam- VAI he urinates sukuwin NA he who urinates
us kiyawun PRON we, us (inclusive) niyawun PRO we, us (exclusive)
use awáhcá- VTI he uses it, uses something
used to PART past tense particle, used to, was and is no more
usually yáyaci ADV always, usually
utmost wihqsh NI the end, the utmost limit