English to Mohegan


rabbit tuksáhs NA rabbit
raccoon áhsup NA raccoon
rain mushuyôn- VII there is a great rain, a lot of rain, a downpour sokuyôn NI rain sokuyôn- VII it rains, there is rain
rainbow uqanaqôn NA rainbow
rainy sokuyôqat- VII it is rainy
raise ômohká- VTA he raises him up ômohkun- he raises it up
rat mushapqáhs NA rat
rather wipi CONJ only, but, rather, instead (indicates sharper contrast than qut)
rattlesnake sihsiq NA rattlesnake
reach wihqshiyá- VII it reaches to, ends at
read akitusu- VAI he reads
ready qáhshapu- VAI he is ready
really mutáwi PART very, really, exceedingly, much wimuqut ADV really, truly, verily
reason ákowi ADV in vain, for no reason, futilely wiyôqutum- VTI speak of, reason, consult together [these talks are reciprocal and collective]
receive watunum- VTI he receives it, obtains it
recompense ôqatantam- VTI he rewards it, gives recompense ôqatôk NI a recompense, wages, or reward
recover kicá- VAI he recovers, feels better
red musqisu- VAI he is red
red oak wisacumus NI red oak
red squirrel musqaniks NA red squirrel
red-tailed hawk musqayan NA red-tailed hawk ‘red bird tail’
refrain aquyá NI peace; refrain from fighting
rejoice muskowôtam- VAI he rejoices, exults, is very glad; he is boastful wikôtamuwôk NI pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, rejoicing
remain asqitiyá- VAI he remains asqshôt NA he who remains
remainder asqshôk NI the remainder, what is left
remember mihqônumaw- VTA he remembers him mihqôtam- VTI he remembers it
remembrance mihqôtamowôk NI remembrance, a memorial
render wuyihtiyáwun- VTI he beautifies it, to render beautiful or pleasing
reply yôpoham- VAI he answers, replies yôpohamuwôk NI an answer, reply
resemble aquniwôqat- VII it resembles, looks like
residence wut’hkiwôk NI address, residence
resolve pakatôtám-₁ VAI he determines, resolves, purposes, decides pakatôtám-₂ VTI he determines it, resolves, purposes, decides
respect qutuyánumáw- VTA he honors, shows respect to him qutuyôtam- VTI he honors it, shows respect to it
return ôpôcum- VII it returns, it goes back [with locative indirect object] putuki- VAI he returns, goes back quskiyôk NI a return, a turning back
return [with locative indirect object] ôpôcu- VAI he returns again, he goes back [with locative indirect object]
reward ôqatantam- VTI he rewards it, gives recompense ôqatôk NI a recompense, wages, or reward
rib -hpicák NI DEP rib
rice mayom NA wheat, wild rice (‘wild rice’ the older meaning)
riches wiyáwituwôk NI riches, wealth
right -tunuk NI DEP right, right side inkáwi ADV to the right, on the right sôpáyu- VII it is straight, right, proper
righteousness sôpwiyusiwin NA a just man, one who acts with justice or righteousness sôpwiyusiwôk NI uprightness (in doing), justice, righteousness
rigid cáhsun- VII it is hard, solid, rigid
rim wus NI edge, rim, hem
rise ômohkum- VII it rises, arises pátôhtá- VII it is sunrise, the sun rises
river áhsit NI river sipo NI river
road máy NI road, path, way
roast wátsum- VTI he roasts it
rock qusuq NI rock
roof waskicikamuq NI roof ‘house top’
room cupuwicuw NI room (of a house) 'house part'
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