English to Mohegan


pack basket matôpi NI pack basket, tumpline (basket with cord held over forehead for carrying)
paddle cimá- VAI he paddles or rows (a boat)
pain ôhqamamu- VAI he is in pain, hurts (To say that a part of your body hurts, use the AI with the possessed body part agreeing in person.)
paint ayakunum- VTI he paints it
pair nisu- VII it is a pair
pair animate nisuwak NA a pair (animate)
palm inside hand -ayômanic NI DEP palm (inside of the hand)
pants átwun NI trousers, pants
parent -ocituwôk NA DEP parent
part cáhci ADV half, partly cupáyu- VII it is (a) part nuqutcipay NI the portion or share of one person, a share, a part pôhshi PART some, part (of), half
pass quskacá- VAI he crosses, passes over
pass away máhci- INIT after, in time; it passes away, is gone [he has done it]
pass through papaspushá- VAI he passes through (as through a place or a country)
past PART past tense particle, used to, was and is no more yôwat ADV a long time ago, since long ago
path máy NI road, path, way
peace aquyá NI peace; refrain from fighting áwipun NI a calm of peace wuyohtiyôk NI peace; good and calm time
pen wuskhwôsuwôk NI pencil, pen ‘what you write with’
pencil wuskhwôsuwôk NI pencil, pen ‘what you write with’
perhaps páhki ADV maybe, perhaps
peril nuqôhtuk ADV in peril, in danger
perilous nuniqi ADV dangerous, perilous
perseverance naqutiwowôk NI perseverance, continuance
person inskitôp NA Indian, human ‘regular person’ skitôp NA person
pestle qinhsunôk NI a pestle
pharmacist pônaskihtuwásuwin NA a dispenser of medicine, a pharmacist
physical pain ôqamámowôk NI physical pain, sorrow, torment
physically qintôwáw- VTA he attacks, comes upon suddenly and physically
physician pônaskihtawin NA a physician, doctor
pick mukunum- VTI he picks it, gathers it (as of fruit, or other inanimate objects)
piece kackáy NI a piece, a portion, or fragment of sáhqusum- VTI he cuts it into small pieces sáhquswáw- VTA he cuts him into small pieces squswá- VTA he cuts him into pieces
pieces sáhqu- VII it is in small pieces, dust or powder sáhqunum- VTI he breaks it in pieces, pulls it to pieces sáhqutáham- VTI he pounds it, breaks or beats it into small pieces,
pig piksihs NI pig
pile káhtôquwuk NI a pile, a heap, that which is heaped high, by placing one above another
pine kow NA pine, fir
pitiful kucumôksu- VAI he is pitiful, poor, wretched, miserable
place áhtá- VII it is located, it is at a place apu- VAI he is located, sits, stays, is at a place ayuwôk NI a place nitay PART there, that place pon- VTA he puts him, places him
plant ‘kihcá- VAI do planting, plant something
plate wiyôk NI dish, plate
play akisu- VAI he counts, does counting; also, play rushes, straw game kusawasu- VAI he gambles, plays at a betting game pôhp- VTA he plays with him pôhpu- VAI he plays pupiqá- VAI he plays music, plays a flute
please wihqitumaw- VTA ( kuwihqitumôsh: ‘please’)
pleasing wuyihtiyáwun- VTI he beautifies it, to render beautiful or pleasing
pleasure wikôtamuwôk NI pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, rejoicing
plentiful mutáwi- VAI they are many, much, plentiful (animate things, people, and animals) mutáwiyu- VII they are many, much, abundant (inanimate things)
plunge sowiná- VAI he plunges (into whatever), he casts himself in
point cáwhki NI a minute, a point, a moment kusáhkôy NI a summit, point of rock or earth, a crag, “high hill”
pond nupsapáq NI lake, pond
poor kucumôksu- VAI he is pitiful, poor, wretched, miserable
porcupine kôq NA porcupine
porpoise tatakámô NA porpoise
portion kackáy NI a piece, a portion, or fragment of nuqutcipay NI the portion or share of one person, a share, a part
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