English to Mohegan


oak wisacumus NI red oak
obey wôwistam- VTI he obeys it
observe môyiyam- VTI he looks intently at it, observes it
obtain watunum- VTI he receives it, obtains it
ocean kihtahan NI ocean, sea
of wuci PREP from, of, for
offering makowôk NI a gift, offering
office ayhkôsikamuq NI office, ‘work-building’
offspring -nicôn NA DEP (one's) child, offspring
often wikôci ADV often, commonly
oil pum NI grease, oil, butter
old cáyhs NA old person, elder, old man nukôni INIT old (only of objects, not people)
old man cáyhs NA old person, elder, old man
old person cáyhs NA old person, elder, old man
old woman winay NA old woman, female elder
older boy, boy yôkôp NA young man, older boy
older brother -ntôyuks NA DEP older brother
older girl yôksqáhs NA young woman, older girl
older sister -msihs NA DEP older sister
on akômuk PREP across, across water, on the other side
one nuqut NUM one nuqutuqunakat- VII it is one day, first day, Monday
only cánaw ADV only, but, unless wipi CONJ only, but, rather, instead (indicates sharper contrast than qut)
open woshunumun- VTI he opens it yôcánum- VTI he opens it
opossum ápasum NA an opossum
opposition ayiyukôni ADV against, in opposition
or asu CONJ or, either ( mut asu: nor, neither)
order macush ADV last (in order)
origin koci ADV it begins, has its origin or source (marks the beginning of the action)
other ôkutak ADV other, another (‘more’ in the sense of quantities; see ‘áyuwi’ for qualities)
otherwise ôkutakanuk ADV otherwise, elsewhere ‘at another’ skôt PART lest, otherwise (alternative spelling: shkôt)
otter kunamáchk NA otter
out kaciyá- VAI he goes or comes out of qaci- VAI he goes outside, goes out, gets off of, exits sáh- INIT forth from, out from, movement from the place where or in which the action of the verb begins.
outdoor qaci ADV outside (of), outdoors
outer bark tree hákáts NI outer bark of a tree
outside qaci ADV outside (of), outdoors qaci- VAI he goes outside, goes out, gets off of, exits
oven tanishunimuk NI stove, oven
over quskacá- VAI he crosses, passes over waskici PREP on the surface of, over, above, upon
over there yokcôwi ADV yonder, over there (implies a further distance away than nitay: there)
overcast kupqat- VII it is cloudy, overcast
overcome sôqhuwá- VAI he overcomes, prevails, has the mastery
overflow tômakan- VII it is overflowing, there is a flood
overwhelm nukámun- VTI he covers it over, envelops it, overwhelms it
owl kohkokihs NA little owl kokotayam NA owl wiwis NA screech owl
oyster apon NA oyster