English to Mohegan


maggot ohq NA worm, maggot
magic páwáwtawôk NI magic skill
mainland kitakamuko NI mainland
make ayum- VTI he makes it potawá- VAI he makes a fire wustaw- VTA he makes it for him wusto- VTI he makes it wusuh- VTA he makes him yohkhikancá- VAI make corn meal, grind corn meal
make calm áypônihtu- VTI he makes it calm
makes effort áhciyu- VAI he is diligent, makes effort, exerts himself
makes war ayiyukôná- VTA he goes against him, makes war on him
male ayôp NA buck, male deer mukacuks NA boy
man musinun NA a man; a captive or tributary
manure mikucut NI feces, dung, shit, manure
many mutáwi- VAI they are many, much, plentiful (animate things, people, and animals) mutáwiyu- VII they are many, much, abundant (inanimate things) wusômi PART too much, too many, too
mark kunasuwôk NI a letter, sign, mark
marriage w’sintamuwôk NI marriage, wedding
marsh cáq NI swamp, marsh
marvel môcanatamwahuwôk NI a wonder, a marvel, something that causes amazement
mastery sôqhuwá- VAI he overcomes, prevails, has the mastery
mat manátawpana NI an embroidered mat which women make to line the wigwam
matrix ôtômuk NI womb, matrix
may wáh PREV may or can; combined with a verb it shows possibility wuw- INIT may or can; combined with a verb it shows possibility
maybe páhki ADV maybe, perhaps
me ni₁ PRO I, me
meal mitsuwôk NI meal wipumá- VTI he eats it with him, he shares a meal with him
mean iwômu- VII it says (so), means, signifies
measure qutáh- VTA he weighs him, measures him qutáham- VTI he weighs it, measures it
meat wiyawhs NI meat
medicine môyikow NA medicine man, shaman pônaskihtuwásuwin NA a dispenser of medicine, a pharmacist
medicine man môyikow NA medicine man, shaman
meet môwáwi- VAI they gather themselves, assemble, congregate, attend church meeting nakuskaw- VTA he meets him
memorial mihqôtamowôk NI remembrance, a memorial
memory mihqônumuwôk NI memory
mend ôc’tiyá- VTI he mends it
midday pôhsqá- VII it is noon, midday
middle yáyôwi PREP among, in the middle of yuw’i PREP in the middle, the midst
midst yuw’i PREP in the middle, the midst
mighty mushaki- VAI he is great, mighty, big
milk miyunôk NI woman’s breast milk sáhkátôk NI milk of animals
milk curd cupisakatôk NI milk curd
minute cáwhki NI a minute, a point, a moment
mirror pipinacucôhqôk NI mirror
mirth papususwôk NI fun, mirth
miserable kucumôksu- VAI he is pitiful, poor, wretched, miserable
mitten micáhs NA glove, mitten
moccasin máhkus NI shoe, moccasin
Mohegan mohiks NA Mohegan, Mohegan Indian moyahikaniw NA Mohegan, Mohegan Indian
moment cáwhki NI a minute, a point, a moment
Monday nuqutuqunakat- VII it is one day, first day, Monday
money muni NI money (English loan; usually used in plural)
month wiyon NA moon, month
moon wiqáshum NI moonlight wiyon NA moon, month
moonlight wiqáshum NI moonlight
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