English to Mohegan


lack qináwusu-á VAI he needs, is wanting, is lacking
ladder táhkotáwôk NI ladder
lake mamitawási- VAI he pushes out into a lake or open water nupsapáq NI lake, pond
lamp wiqanôtik NI lamp, candle
land ‘ki NI land, earth, dirt, ground (alternative spelling: ahki)
language kayoyuwôk NI word, language uyôtowá- VAI he speaks the Indian language, speaks such a language, has such a voice uyôtowáwôk NI language
large mushqisu- VAI he is big, large, great
last macish ADV at last macush ADV last (in order) mawmachish ADV the very last
late cikiyu- VII it is late, after a while, a long time
lately paswu ADV lately
later páhsut ADV later, later on, in a while
laugh háhanu- VAI he laughs
laughter háhanuwôk NI laughter
lazy mikiskutu- VAI he is lazy
lead uyasun- VTA he leads him there, leads him to a certain place
leaf kôpako NI leaves punipakat- VII leaves fall wunipaq NI leaf
learn nihto- VTI he learns it
leave asqitiyám- VTA he leaves him behind nukatum- VTI he leaves it, abandons it nukay- VTA he leaves him, abandons him
left asqshôk NI the remainder, what is left miyac NI left, left side (to the left of left side) miyaco ADV left, leftward
leftward miyaco ADV left, leftward
leg -hkôt NI DEP leg
legend ôtshohkôk NI myth, legend
legging kôkuw NI sock, stocking, legging
lesson nihtowôk NI lesson, teaching
lest skôt PART lest, otherwise (alternative spelling: shkôt)
letter kunasuwôk NI a letter, sign, mark wusqik NI book, letter, writing
lick nosqatam- VTI he licks it
lie down sipsun- VAI he extends himself, lies down (as on his bed)
lie upon apsun- VAI he lies upon it
life -côq NA DEP soul, spirit of a living person kitiyayôk NA life; the life principle or vital force, ‘the soul’ pumôtamuwôk NI life
lift uspunum- VTI he lifts it
light wáhsumowôk NI emitted light, a shining forth wiqay NI light yôkan- VII it is light in weight, not heavy
lightning wôwôsôpshá- VII there is lightning, lightning flashes
like aqi PREP like, similar to wikimicu- VTI he likes to eat it wikimoh- VTA he likes to eat him wikôtam- VTI he likes it, enjoys it
likewise nánuk PART likewise, in the same way, as also
limit wihqsh NI the end, the utmost limit
lining manátawpana NI an embroidered mat which women make to line the wigwam
lip -susiton NI DEP a lip
liquor ôhkupi NI rum, alcohol, liquor
listen kihtam- VTI listen to it (alternative spelling: kuhkitam-) kihtaw- VTA he listens to him
little piwi-₁ VAI he is little
little dog ayumihs NA little dog, puppy
little house piwicuw NI a little house, cottage
little one pisihs NA little one
little owl kohkokihs NA little owl
little puppy ayumihs NA little dog, puppy
live pumôtam- VAI he lives, is alive (not in the sense of ‘dwell’) wut’hki- VAI he dwells, lives at ‘have as one’s land’
lo, behold! kusi INTERJ lo, behold!
lobster mushôc NA lobster
located áhtá- VII it is located, it is at a place apu- VAI he is located, sits, stays, is at a place
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