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hair -ohpsk NA DEP hair (of the head) – singular indicates a single strand of hair wihshákan NI body hair (of a person), hair of an animal singular indicates a single strand of hair
half cáhci ADV half, partly pôhshi PART some, part (of), half
hand -ic NA DEP hand kinum- VTI he carries it (in the hand)
handle inôk NI handle ‘what one holds with’
handsome wikco- VAI he is good-looking, handsome, pretty
happen uspunawán- VTI it happens
happily wiyisp ADV happily
happiness wikôtamuwôk NI pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, rejoicing
happy wiyayu- VAI he is happy woyi- VAI he is happy, secure
hard cáhsun- VII it is hard, solid, rigid minkiyi ADV harder, firmer sayakat- VII it is difficult, hard
harm wis- VTA he hurts him, injures him, harms him
harvest kipunum- VTI he harvests it kipunumuwôk NI harvest
has aniyuham- VTA he has an advantage over (him), gains on (him) wacôn- VTA he has him wacônum- VTI he has it, keeps it
hastily kipi ADV quickly, fast, hastily, in a hurry
hat ôhshoyhqôn NI hat, head covering
hatchet takôk NI axe, hatchet
hate sháyum- VTA he hates him shôhtam- VTA he hates it
have wut’hki- VAI he dwells, lives at ‘have as one’s land’
have to côci PART must, have to
hawk awáhsh NA hawk musqayan NA red-tailed hawk ‘red bird tail’
he nákum PRO he, she, him, her
head -hkunôk NA DEP head -ôtup FINAL head -skanôtup NI DEP a skull, bone head ôhshoyhqôn NI hat, head covering
head off môci- VAI he goes away, heads off
healthy kôkicá- VAI he is well, healthy wiyámo- VAI he is healthy, well
heap káhtôquwuk NI a pile, a heap, that which is heaped high, by placing one above another
hear notá- VTA he hears him notam- VAI he hears putam- VTI he hears it putaw- VTA he hears him
hearing notamowôk NI a hearing
heart -táh NI DEP heart
heat kusaputá- VII it is hot, heated (of substances or food, not weather)
heaven kisuq NI sky, heaven
heavy qusuqan-₁ VII it is heavy
heed nuqusôno- VTI he takes heed of something, is aware nuqusuná- VAI he is careful, acts cautiously, takes heed
height qunôhqusuwôk NI height
hello aquy PHRASE hello, greetings
help áyunamaw- VTA he helps him páhqáhunáw- VTA he makes him get clear, delivers him, helps him escape
hem wus NI edge, rim, hem
hen môyhsh NA hen, female bird
henceforth noci ADV from that time, therefrom, henceforth
her nákum PRO he, she, him, her
here yotay PART here
hidden putaqi- VAI he hides, is hidden
hide kôcto- VTI he hides it putákham- VTI he covers it over, hides it by covering putaqi- VAI he hides, is hidden shay NA hide, skin
high qunôhqusu- VAI he is tall, high qunôkan- VII it is tall, high wáwápi PREP above, high up, upward
high place káhtkôwi NI a summit or high place, the top of a hill
hill káhtkôwi NI a summit or high place, the top of a hill wacuw NI hill, mountain
hiss qiksomu- VAI he whistles, hisses
hit takam- VTA he hits him, strikes him, beats him takatam- VTI he hits it, strikes it, beats it
ho! cuh INTERJ ho! look!
hold mihkun- VTA he holds him mihkunum- VTI he holds it samakun-₁ VTI he stretches forth, holds out his hand or something in his hand samakun-₂ VII it is stretched forth, held out in a hand or something in a hand
holy witupôhtam- VII it is holy, sacred, blessed
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