English to Mohegan


each nishnuw PRON each one, every one
eagle wôpsuq NA eagle, bald eagle (probably originally the word for the bald eagle, not the golden eagle)
ear -htawaq NI DEP ear
earring saksáhon NI earring
earth ‘ki NI land, earth, dirt, ground (alternative spelling: ahki)
earthward ‘kiyo ADV earthward, toward the ground
easily nukumi ADV easily
east wôpanayo ADV east, eastward
eastward wôpanayo ADV east, eastward
easy nukumat- VII it is easy nukumi ADV easily
eat kisutá- VII it is cooked, prepared for eating máwhá- VTA he eats what is alive micu- VTI he eats it mitsu- VAI he eats, dines moh- VTA he eats him (something animate) pôhsqáhpu- VAI he eats lunch wayô- VII it is sunset, sundown wihpqat- VII it tastes good, is good to eat wikimicu- VTI he likes to eat it wikimoh- VTA he likes to eat him wipumá- VTI he eats it with him, he shares a meal with him wuyôkpuwu- VAI he eats supper wuyôkpuwu- VAI (evening-eat) yôpôwihpwu- VAI he eats breakfast
edge wus NI edge, rim, hem
eel nihsh NA eel
egg wôm NI egg
eight shwôsk NUM eight
eighth shwôskut ADV eighth
eighty shwôsk-cahshuncák NUM eighty ‘eight-how-many-tens’
either asu CONJ or, either ( mut asu: nor, neither)
elbow -isk NA DEP elbow
elder cáyhs NA old person, elder, old man winay NA old woman, female elder
eleven páyaq napni nuqut NUM eleven
elk wôpas NA an elk
elsewhere ôkutakanuk ADV otherwise, elsewhere ‘at another’
embrace wôkum- VTA he greets him, salutes him, embraces him wôqutuwôk NI an embrace, a hug, a gesture of greeting
embroidered mat manátawpana NI an embroidered mat which women make to line the wigwam
emerge moski- VAI he arises, comes into existence, emerges, appears
emit wáhsumowôk NI emitted light, a shining forth
emotion uyutáhá- VAI he feels so, feels a certain way (emotionally) ‘one's heart is so, is thus’ uyutáháwôk NI emotion, feeling
empty sawáyu- VII it is empty
enclosure -kamuq FINAL an artificial enclosure, a building not used for a dwelling; also denoting parts or types of buildings.
encompass qunupáhto- VTI it encompasses, surrounds, turns itself around or upside-down
end wihqsh NI the end, the utmost limit wihqshiyá- VII it reaches to, ends at
endure sipáhtuwi ADV continuing, enduring, continually
enemy matwá- VAI he is an enemy
enjoy wikôtam- VTI he likes it, enjoys it
enjoyment wikôtamuwôk NI pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, rejoicing
enough notáhshá ADV insufficient, not enough tápáyu- VII it is enough, sufficient tápi PART enough, can, able
enter suqi- VAI he enters, comes in
envelop nukámun- VTI he covers it over, envelops it, overwhelms it
equal tátupi ADV the same, alike, equally, in the same way tátupiyu- VII it is equal to, same as
escape páhqáham- VAI he gets clear, escapes páhqáhunáw- VTA he makes him get clear, delivers him, helps him escape
evening wuyôksu- VII it is evening
every iyáni ADV all sorts of, of every kind nishnuw PRON each one, every one wámi PART all, every
everybody wôcak PRON everybody
everywhere qunupki ADV everywhere
evil maci- PREN bad, evil, wicked macisu- VAI he is an evil doer, is actively bad macitu- VII it is evil, wicked matôpáwôk NI evil deed, transgression
exceed aniyá- VAI he exceeds, is beyond, superior to ayi- INIT better, more, it exceeds, surpasses
exceedingly áhci ADV exceedingly mutáwi PART very, really, exceedingly, much
excellence wuyituwôk NI beauty, excellence, goodness
exert áhciyu- VAI he is diligent, makes effort, exerts himself
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