English to Mohegan


dance mutáhká- VAI he dances mutáhkáwôk NI a dance witkám- VTA he dances with someone
danger nuqôhtuk ADV in peril, in danger
dangerous ninuqáyu- VII it is dangerous nuniqi ADV dangerous, perilous
daughter -hshum NA DEP daughter-in-law -tônihs NA DEP daughter nuqutukiyun NA an only child, son or daughter
daughter-in-law -hshum NA DEP daughter-in-law
dawn wôpan- VII it is sunrise, dawn
day kisukat- VII it is day, a day ( iyo kisukahk: today) nisôskuqunakat VII it is seven days, a week, it is Sunday nisuqunakat VII it is two days, second day, Tuesday nupáwuqunakat VII it is five days, the fifth day, Friday nuqutuqunakat- VII it is one day, first day, Monday qutôskuqunakat- VII it is six days, the sixth day, Saturday shwiqunakat- VII it is three days, the third day, Wednesday yáwuqunakat- VII it is 4th day, four days, Thursday
dead nupu- VAI he dies, is dead
deal uyihiyá- VTA he conducts himself toward or with respect to him, he acts toward or deals with him
deceive asokikámá- VAI he deceives him, cheats him
decide pakatôtám-₁ VAI he determines, resolves, purposes, decides pakatôtám-₂ VTI he determines it, resolves, purposes, decides
declare tutatum- VAI he declares, commands, speaks authoritatively
decorate áqátum- VTI he decorated it, garnished it
deed matôpáwôk NI evil deed, transgression
deer ayôp NA buck, male deer noy’hc NA deer quniq NA doe, female deer
definitely mohci ADV certainly, sure, definitely
deliver páhqáhunáw- VTA he makes him get clear, delivers him, helps him escape
depart sáham- VAI he goes forth, departs
departure sáhamowôk NI a departure, a going forth
descend wômsu- VAI he goes down, descends
destitute wani ADV without, destitute of
destroy pakowatiyá- VAI he destroys pakowato- VTI he destroys it pakowaw- VTA he destroys him
destruction pakowônuwôk NI destruction
determine pakatôtám-₁ VAI he determines, resolves, purposes, decides pakatôtám-₂ VTI he determines it, resolves, purposes, decides
devil' cipay NA spirit, ghost (sometimes also used as 'devil')
die nupu- VAI he dies, is dead
different piyowi ADV strange, different, uncommon; foreign
difficult sayakat- VII it is difficult, hard
diligent áhciyu- VAI he is diligent, makes effort, exerts himself
dine mitsu- VAI he eats, dines
dirt ‘ki NI land, earth, dirt, ground (alternative spelling: ahki)
dirty nuskinôqat- VII it is dirty, unclean nuskinôqusu- VAI he is dirty
disable pôkasu- VAI he is crippled, disabled
dish ôqhik NI cover for a dish suqatash NI succotash whole boiled corn; a traditional dish made with cooked corn and beans. wiyôk NI dish, plate
dispenser pônaskihtuwásuwin NA a dispenser of medicine, a pharmacist
distant yôwatuk ADV far, far away, distant
do wuyinihiyán- VTA he does good for another wuyisi VAI he does good, he does well
do so i- VAI he does (so)
doctor pônaskihtawin NA a physician, doctor
doe quniq NA doe, female deer
dog ayum NA a dog ayumihs NA little dog, puppy náhtiyá NA dog
doll kucohkôn NA a doll, a statue
don’t! áhqi PART don’t!, stop it!
door sqôt NI door, doorway, gate
doorway sqôt NI door, doorway, gate
dove wusqhun NA a dove
down wômsu- VAI he goes down, descends
downpour mushuyôn- VII there is a great rain, a lot of rain, a downpour
downward wômiyo ADV downward
drag over pôsutnasun- VTI he drags it over
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