English to Mohegan


call ahuy- VTA he calls him (something), names him tam- VTI he says to it, calls it usuwáyu- VII it is called, named usuwisu- VAI he is named, called wihkum- VTA he calls him, summons him
calm áwipôqat- VII it is calm weather áwipu- VAI he is calm áwipun NI a calm of peace áwipun- VII the wind ceases, there is calm áypônihtu- VTI he makes it calm
calm time wuyohtiyôk NI peace; good and calm time
calmly áwipuni ADV calmly
can tápi PART enough, can, able wáh PREV may or can; combined with a verb it shows possibility wuw- INIT may or can; combined with a verb it shows possibility
candle wiqanôtik NI lamp, candle
canoe mushoy NI boat, canoe
captive musinun NA a man; a captive or tributary
care wutamôtam- VTI he is troubled about it, he cares about it
careful nuqusuná- VAI he is careful, acts cautiously, takes heed wáwôtam- VAI he is careful, cunning, wise
carry kinum- VTI he carries it (in the hand) kinumáw- VTA he carries him
casino kusawasikamuq NI casino ‘gambling building’
cast sowiná- VAI he plunges (into whatever), he casts himself in
cat pohpohs NA cat (English loan)
catche táhqun- VTA he catches him, seizes him táhqunum- VTI he catches it, seizes it
cause ôqanumwihiyô- VAI he causes affliction, he torments wanáytamhiyá- VTA+Obj he causes him to forget it
cautious nuqusuná- VAI he is careful, acts cautiously, takes heed
certainly mohci ADV certainly, sure, definitely
chair ‘papon NI chair (alternative spelling: ahpapon)
change qipi- VAI he turns, rotates; changes his course
chase natskaw- VTA he looks for him, chases him
cheat asokikámá- VAI he deceives him, cheats him
cheek -anonaw DEP NI cheek
chest -hpôyák NI DEP chest, breast (not a woman's breasts)
chestnut wôpum NI chestnut ‘white nut’
chestnut tree wôpumus NI chestnut tree
chicken môyhsháks NA chicken
chief kihcu- VII it is chief, principal, superior kiht- PREN chief, principal, greatest sôcum NA chief, sachem
child -áhtámik NA DEP first born -nicôn NA DEP (one's) child, offspring mukihs NA small child nuqutukiyun NA an only child, son or daughter páhpohs NA child, baby piyusihs NA an infant, a child
chimney wunáhcukamuq NI chimney, smokehole
chin -tôpkan NI DEP chin, jaw
chipmunk aniks NA chipmunk
church môwáwikamuq NI a gathering place, a church
clam poqáh NA quahoq, round clam suksuw NA clam, long clam
claw -hkas NA DEP nail, hoof, claw
clean páhkáyu- VII it is clean
clear páhqáhunáw- VTA he makes him get clear, delivers him, helps him escape
cliff wáskicipuskq NI the top of a rock, a cliff
cliffcrag káhtôpskáwuk NI the top of a rock, the summit of a cliff or crag
climb táhkosun- VAI he climbs táhkotayá- VTI he climbs, scales something tôtá- VTA he climbs into something
close kup’ham- VTI he closes it, shuts it kupáyu- VII it is closed, shut
close association kôta ADV at the same time, in the same place; in close association
cloth môyák NI cloth, garment, clothing, clothes
clothe aqu- VAI he is clothed, dressed, gets dressed, wears (something)
clothes môyák NI cloth, garment, clothing, clothes
clothing katunum- VTI he takes off clothing môyák NI cloth, garment, clothing, clothes
cloud ôkatuq NA cloud
cloudy kupqat- VII it is cloudy, overcast
coat akowôk NI coat, jacket
coffee masqusitôp NA coffee ‘bean liquid’