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abandon nukatum- VTI he leaves it, abandons it nukay- VTA he leaves him, abandons him
able tápi PART enough, can, able
about papômi PREP about, around, concerning qipi PREP round about; all around
about to katawi INIT he is going to, intends to, about to
above káhtôquwuk NI a pile, a heap, that which is heaped high, by placing one above another wápisi PREP above (animate?) waskici PREP on the surface of, over, above, upon wáwápi PREP above, high up, upward
abundant mutáwi- VAI they are many, much, plentiful (animate things, people, and animals) mutáwiyu- VII they are many, much, abundant (inanimate things)
accept tapiniyáwá- VTA he accepts him, is satisfied with him
accompany wicáw- VTA he goes with him, accompanies him
acorn anôhcum NI acorn
across akômuk PREP across, across water, on the other side
act uyihiyá- VTA he conducts himself toward or with respect to him, he acts toward or deals with him
add kotunihto- VTI he adds to it, increases it
address wut’hkiwôk NI address, residence
advantage aniyuham- VTA he has an advantage over (him), gains on (him)
afflict ôqánumwun- VAI he is grieved or afflicted, in affliction; he is suffering
affliction ôqanumwihiyô- VAI he causes affliction, he torments
afraid qihtam- VTI he is afraid of it, fears it qushá- VTA he is afraid of him, fears him wisôsu- VAI he is afraid, frightened, scared
after cikiyu- VII it is late, after a while, a long time kisi- PREV after, finished, completed máhci- INIT after, in time; it passes away, is gone [he has done it] ôpitak ADV afterward, after that
afternoon qátqá- VII it is afternoon (alternative spelling: qátqahqá)
afterward ôpitak ADV afterward, after that
again yôpi ADV again náhtôwi ADV second, next, for a second time
against ayiyukôná- VTA he goes against him, makes war on him ayiyukôni ADV against, in opposition matantam-₂ VTI he begrudges (it), he holds a grudge against (it) mikôná- VTA he contends with him, strives against him ôp- INIT back, against, up against
ahead nikôni ADV first, ahead, before
air wapunak NA air spushá- VAI he ascends, goes up into the air towu- VAI he flies, moves through the air
alarm ayitiyawôtowuwôk NI an alarm of war
alcohol ôhkupi NI rum, alcohol, liquor
alike tátupi ADV the same, alike, equally, in the same way
alive pumôtam- VAI he lives, is alive (not in the sense of ‘dwell’)
all naquti ADV continually, all the time, always wámi PART all, every
all night wôpani ADV all night
almost ciwi ADV nearly, almost
alone nushá- VAI he goes to be alone, withdraws nusiqôn- VAI he remains alone nusu- VAI he is alone nusuwi ADV alone, lonely
along wici PREP with, along with (‘with’ in the sense of accompaniment or ‘along with’, not as for an instrument)
already kaci ADV already (indicates completion)
also nánuk PART likewise, in the same way, as also wôk PART also, too wusômi PART (not too in the sense of also)
always mucimi ADV always, forever naquti ADV continually, all the time, always yáyaci ADV always, usually
amaze cipsayi ADV in astonishment, in amazement, amazedly cipshá- VAI he is confused, amazed cipsôtam- VTI he fears or is amazed by (it) môcanatamwahuwôk NI a wonder, a marvel, something that causes amazement
amazement cipsayi ADV in astonishment, in amazement, amazedly môcanatamowôk NI amazement, wonder
amid yáyôwi PREP among, in the middle of yuw’i PREP in the middle, the midst
among kinuki PREP among yáyôwi PREP among, in the middle of
and CONJ and (primarily used for conjoining verb phrases) see also tá CONJ and (conjoining a series of things.)
anger musqôhtamnutuwôk NI anger (passive) musqôhtamowôk NI anger (active)
angry kisqutu- VAI he is angry musqôhtam- VAI he is angry
animal awáyáhs NA animal
animal milk sáhkátôk NI milk of animals
ankle -supsk DEP NI the ankle
another ôkutak ADV other, another (‘more’ in the sense of quantities; see ‘áyuwi’ for qualities) ôkutakanuk ADV otherwise, elsewhere ‘at another’
answer yôpoham- VAI he answers, replies yôpohamá- VTA he answers him yôpohamuwôk NI an answer, reply
ant áyiks NA ant
antler áskôn NA horn, antler
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