About the Dictionary

Creating the Dictionary

The MHA Language Project spends every summer recording Hidatsa speakers.  We have thousands of words, phrases, and conversations that we are tirelessly cutting, analyzing, and organizing to create a comprehensive reference dictionary for the Hidatsa language.

Currently we are presenting a tentative pre-release version that has a lot of room to improve.  Our database will continue to grow rapidly over the next several years.  Please help us improve the dictionary by submitting corrections, suggesting words we have missed, or offering to participate in the documentation of this beautiful language.

Searching the Dictionary

The dictionary is searchable in english or hidatsa.  You may notice an autocomplete list drop down from the search bar.  This will show possible Hidatsa words if you are searching in english or Hidatsa.  Just hit enter to complete the search to see all results, or click on the hidatsa word that drops down to go to that entry.

Built-in Keyboard

The Hidatsa Dictionary has a keyboard built into the search so you can easily search for the Hidatsa word you are looking for.  To use the keyboard, hover over a search input and click the keyboard that pops up to the right.


The apostrophe key now gives you access to the special characters you need to type in Hidatsa.  Just hit the apostrophe key on your keyboard or on the on-screen keyboard, release it, then type the letter.

‘ + / types ʔ

‘ + a,e,i,o,u types á,é,í,ó,ú

It’s as simple as that.