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wuci PREP from, of, for Cits kátunaw wuci wisq Remove the bird from the bowl. Mut tápi nuwacônum cáqan cánaw wuci Manto I cannot have anything only from God.

niwuci CONJ therefore, because of that, ‘that-from’ Niwuci Manto yo wunotamunáyup, qá musqôhtamup Therefore God heard this, and was wroth.

t’wuci PART why (in questions) T’wuci kutôpôcuyak wôk nocumwisuw Why turn ye again weak?

wucina PART since, ‘from that’ Mut nunáwô awán wucina Sôtáy Rosse Skeezucks piyô yotay I have not seen anyone since the Sunday Rosse Skeezucks came here.

qaci- VAI he goes outside, goes out, gets off of, exits nuqaci I am outside qaci s/he is outside kuqacimun you and I are outside sg : qacish Go outside! pl : qaciq Go outside! qácit that he is outside Páwihsa, kumuskawi, nuqaci Okay, you found me, I’m coming out; Qaciq wuci nitay Come out of there!

nipun- VII it is summer nipun it is summer nipuk that it is summer nipuks whenever it is summer Nipun It is summer! Nipun wuci papususwôk Summer is for fun!

nushá- VAI he goes to be alone, withdraws noshá I go to be alone nushá he goes to be alone kunushámun you and I go to be alone sg : nushásh go to be alone! pl : nusháq go to be alone! nushát that he go to be alone Nushá wuci yáw kiskash He went to be alone for four days.

ayôtam VAI he thinks, purposes, wills nutayôtam I think ayôtam s/he thinks kut ayôtamumun you and I think sg : ayôtamsh Think! pl : ayôtamuq Think! áyôtamut that s/he thinks Nutayôtam, niwuci, nutay I think, therefore, I am. Kôkci kucohkônah takamáw aqu shayuk, áyôhtak wuw áyut wiyokanah He struck the large doll that was under the robes, thinking that it might be his wife.

matapu- VAI he sits down, is seated numatap I sit down matapuw s/he sits down kumatapumun you and I sit down mataputuk Let’s sit down! sg : matapsh Sit down! pl : matapiq Sit down! mátaput that he sits down Taspowôkanuk mus numatap I will sit at the table. Kuski nahak mátapsh Sit by me. Mátapiq wuci nahakánônak Sit with us, you all!

qutuyôtam- VTI he honors it, shows respect to it nuqutuyôtam I honor it qutuyôtam he honors it kuqutuyôtamumun you and I honor it sg : qutuyôtamsh Honor it! pl : qutuyôtamoq Honor it! qutuyôtamutuk Let’s honor it qátuyôtak that he honors it Qutuyôtam wuci cupayuwôk He shows respect for the tribe.
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