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nukôni INIT old (only of objects, not people) Nukôni cáhqin áhtá waskici wacuwuk The old house is located upon the hill.

nihto- VTI he learns it nunihto I learn it nihtôw s/he learns it kunihtomun you and I learn it sg : nihtosh Learn it! pl : nihtoq Learn it! nihtôk that he learns Nihtôw nukôni-máy He learns the old ways.

sáhqu- VII it is in small pieces, dust or powder sáhquw it is dust sáhqush they are dust sáhquk that it is dust sáhquks whenever it is dust Nukôni kohqihs sáhquw The old small pot broke into small pieces.

pumiyotôk NI fence, (outdoor) wall pumiyotôkansh fences pumiyotôkanuk on fences Nukôni-pumiyotôk wustow wuci sunsh The old wall was made of stones.

yáwuqunakat- VII it is 4th day, four days, Thursday yáwuqunakat it is Tuesday yáwuqunakáhk that it is Tuesday yáwuqunakáhks whenever it is Tuesday Nakuskawum kamuquk wuci nukôni cáqansh yáwuqunakáhk Meet me at the building of old things (the museum) when it is Thursday.