Mohegan to English



wôpas NA an elk wôpasak elks wôpasuk on the elk Wôpasak pumsháwak papaspi yo oyôkoway The elk travel through this valley.
wôpáyu- VII it is white wôpáyuw it is white wôpáyush they are white wôpák that it is white wôpáks that they are white Wôpáyuw yo pôhpaskôk. Wôpáyush yosh pôhpaskôkansh This ball is white. These balls are white. Wôpák pôhpaskôk misum Give me the white ball. Nis wôpáks pôhpaskôkansh misum Give me two white balls.
wôpisu- VAI he is white nuwôpis he is white wôpisuw s/he is white kuwôpisumun you and I are white wôpisut that he is white wôpisut that they are white Yo cits wôpisuw. Yok citsak wôpisuwak This bird is white. These birds are white. Numihkunô wôpisut cits I am holding the white bird. Shwi wôpis’hutut citsak misum Give me three white birds.
wôpsuq NA eagle, bald eagle (probably originally the word for the bald eagle, not the golden eagle) wôpsuqák eagles wôpsuqák on the eagle Awáyáhsak yok. Noy’hc, toyupáhs, skôks, wôpsuq, tá muks These are animals. Deer, turtle, skunk, eagle, and wolf.
wôpum NI chestnut ‘white nut’ wôpumunsh chestnuts wôpumunuk in the chestnut Wátsumsh wôpumunsh waskici yoht! Roast the chestnuts over the fire!
wôpumus NI chestnut tree wôpumusash chestnut trees wôpumusuk in the chestnut tree Wôpumus yumwáy wôpum The chestnut tree is full of chestnuts.
wôpusákáyu- VII it is gray wôpusákáyuw it is gray wôpusákáyush they are gray wôpusákáyuk that it is gray wôpusákáyuks whenever it is gray Kisuq wôpusákáyuw ni kisk The sky was gray that day.
wôpusákisu- VAI he is gray nuwôpusákis I am gray wôpusákisuw s/he is gray kuwôpusákisumun you and I are gray wôpusákisuk that he is gray wôpusákisut that they are gray Misum nis wôpusákisuk citsak Give me two gray birds.
wôqutuwôk NI an embrace, a hug, a gesture of greeting wôqutuwôkansh hugs wôqutuwôkanuk in the embrace Iwash ‘Aquy’ qá mis wôqutuwôk! Say: ‘Hello’ and give him a hug!
woshunumun- VTI he opens it nuwoshunumun I open it woshunumun s/he opens it kuwoshunumunumun you and I open it sg : woshunumunsh Open it! pl : woshunumunoq Open it! woshunumunuk that he opens it Qá woshunumuk shwut seali, nunotá shwut pinashim yowán, “Piyôsh qá námsh” And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, “Come and see.”
wôtam- VAI he is wise nuwôtam I am wise wôtam s/he is wise kuwôtamumun you and I are wise sg : wôtamásh Be wise! pl : wôtamáq Be wise! wôtamát that he is wise Nit sáhamwak wáh námwak áhta ayak, qá namihuw wáskitôpah apu situk qá wôtam Then they went out to see what was done, and found the man sitting at his feet and in his right mind.
wôtamowôk NI wisdom wôtamowôkansh wisdoms wôtamowôkanuk in the wisdom Qá ayunamawáw Sáyámanah wôtamowôk qá owohtamowôk mohci, qá mushi kushitáh And He gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceedingly much, and largeness of heart.
wôtamwi ADV wisely Ayunamawáw Davidah, kihtasotah, wôtamwi wunámônah He gave David, the king, a wise son.
wôtamwushá- VAI he becomes wise nuwôtamwushá I become wise wôtamwushá s/he becomes wise kuwôtamwushámun you and I become wise sg : wôtamwushásh Become wise! pl : wôtamwusháq Become wise wôtamwushátuk Let’s become wise! wôtamwushát that s/he becomes wise Qá Peter wôtamwusháw, yowán, “Iyo páhku nuwáhto” And when Peter was come to himself, he said, “Now I know clearly.”
wôwistam- VTI he obeys it nuwôwistam I obey it wôwistam s/he obeys it kuwôwistamumun you and I obey it wôwistamutuk Let’s obey it! sg : wôwistamsh Obey it! pl : wôwistamoq Obey it! wôwistak that he obeys it Mohci, wámi kuwôwistamumun Manto uwikôtamuwôk Verily, we will all obey the will of God.
wôwôsôpshá- VII there is lightning, lightning flashes wôwôsôpshá there is lightning wôwôsôpshák that there is lightning wôwôsôpsháks whenever there is lightning Muskamsh putáqhôk wôwôsôpshák Find cover when there is lightning!
woyi- VAI he is happy, secure noyi I am happy woyi s/he is happy koyimun you and I are happy sg : woyish Be happy! pl : woyiq Be happy! woyit that he is happy Koyi You are happy.
wucamq NI bottom [e.g. the bottom of the sea] wucamquk at the bottom Cáhnamit pasksháhsan nupik qá qutásháw wucamquk wuci kihtahan Cáhnamit fell into the water and drowned at the bottom of the ocean.
wuci PREP from, of, for Cits kátunaw wuci wisq Remove the bird from the bowl. Mut tápi nuwacônum cáqan cánaw wuci Manto I cannot have anything only from God.
wucina PART since, ‘from that’ Mut nunáwô awán wucina Sôtáy Rosse Skeezucks piyô yotay I have not seen anyone since the Sunday Rosse Skeezucks came here.
wucshá- VII it goes from, comes from (a place) wucshá it goes from (a place) wucshásh they go from (a place) wácshák that it goes from (a place) wácsháks that they go from (a place) Micuwôk wucshá ki Food comes from the land.
wucshá- VAI he goes from, comes from (a place) nocshá I come from (a place) wucshá s/he comes from (a place) kocshámun you and I come from (a place) sg : wucshásh Come from (a place)! pl : wucsháq Come from (a place)! wácshát that he comes from (a place) Kiyawun wámi wucshák Manto, qá yaqi nákum mus kuputukimun We all come from God, and to him will we return.
wunáhcukamuq NI chimney, smokehole wunáhcukamuqash chimneys wunáhcukamuquk in a chimney Wunáhcukamuq áhtá kikuk? Is there a chimney on your house? Yo nuwunáhcukamuq Here is my chimney.
wunipaq NI leaf wunipaqash leaves wunipaquk in the leaves Numukunum ákowi wunipaqash I gather the leaves in vain.
wus NI edge, rim, hem wusásh edges wusák on the edge Wus wuci wukusawôk nuskinôqat The hem of her skirt is dirty. Páhquyuwôk áhtá wusák wuci tatamwáwic A break is on the rim of the cup.