Mohegan to English



wikáyuwôk NI a sweet, something sweet wikáyuwôkansh sweets wikáyuwôkanuk in the sweets Wikáyuwôk wuci kisi wuyôkpuwôk a sweet for after dinner Nuwikimic wikáyuwôkansh I like to eat sweets.
wikco- VAI he is good-looking, handsome, pretty nuwikco I am handsome wikco s/he is handsome kuwikcomun you and I are handsome wikcotuk Let’s be pretty! sg : wikcosh Be pretty! pl : wikcoq Be pretty! wikcot that he is handsome Wámi wikcupanik They were all so handsome. _Aspumi_ kuwikcumun We are _still_ good looking. Mut nuwikináwô skok cipay. Piyámáq wikco I do not like to see the snake spirit. The fish is handsome.
wikimicu- VTI he likes to eat it nuwikimic I like to eat it wikimicuw s/he likes to eat it kuwikimicumun you and I like to eat it sg : wikimicush Like to eatit! wikimicuq Like to eat it! wikimicuk that he likes to eat it Nuwikimic wikáyuwôkansh I like to eat sweets.
wikimoh- VTA 1he likes to eat him 2(contains the preverb wiki- ‘likes to’) nuwikimohô I like to eat him wikimoháw s/he likes to eat him kuwikimohômun you and I like to eat him wikimohutuk Let’s enjoy eating him sg : wikimosh Like to eat him! pl : wikimoq Like to eat him! wikimohôt that he likes to eat him Nuwikimohô piyámáq, qut mut tápi nutqunô. Nusiwôhtum wuci ni I like to eat fish, but I cannot catch one. I am sorry for that.
wikôci ADV often, commonly Mô wikôci uwustawun nunánu My grandmother used to make it often.
wikôtam- VTI he likes it, enjoys it nuwikôtam I like it wikôtam s/he likes it kuwikôtamumun you and I like it sg : wikôtamsh Like it! pl : wikôtamôq Like it! wikôtak that he likes it Nuwikôtamumun nátawahuqiyak We enjoy it when they visit. Sômi wátukák, mut nuwikôtam Because it is wet, I do not like it.
wikôtamuwôk NI pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, rejoicing wikôtamuwôkansh pleasures wikôtamuwôkanuk in the enjoyment Yosh wikôtamuwôk These are enjoyable.
wiksapákat- VII it is sweet wiksapákat it is sweet wiksapákatash they are sweet wiksapákáhk that it is sweet wiksapákáhks that they are sweet Wiksapákat Wiyon Maple Sugar Moon. Sôhtásh wiksapákatash The blueberries are sweet.
wiku- VAI he is good, good-looking, pretty nuwik I am good wikuw s/he is good kuwikumun you and I are good sg : wikush Be good! pl : wikuq Be good! wikut that he is good Manto wikuw God is good.
wikun- VII it is good, beautiful wikun it is good wikunsh they are good wikuk that it is good wikuks that they are good Yo apuwôk wikun Here is a good place. Yotay ponamsh. Wikun, tápi Put it here. Good, enough. Manto wikuw God is good.
wimonáyu- VII it is true, correct wimonáyuw it is true wimonáyush they are true wimonák that it is true wimonáks whenever it is true Ni wimonáyuw, Awáhsh, mutáwi wikun That is correct, Hawk, very good! Skitôpak tápi iwák mutáwi, cáhci iwák mut wimonáyuw uy iwák People can say much, half of what they say is not true as they say it.
wimôqat- VII it smells good wimôqat it smells good wimôqatash they smell good wimôqahk that it smells good wimôqahks that they smell good Pátôk upihsháwônsh, nik wimôqat Whenever he brings flowers, my house smells good.
wimuqut ADV really, truly, verily Cánaw ôkutak inah micuw, sômi Cáhnamit wimuqut pitôw sápahik pitôkanuk It was only the other man who ate, because Cáhnamit was really stuffing the soup into the bag.
winay NA old woman, female elder winayak old women winayuk on the old women Kaci tupkuw. Mawi nunáwô máhcuná winay Already night. I went to see the sick old woman.
winom NI grape winomunash grapes winomuk on the grapes Másqákish winomash wacônumwak wiyhuk sipáwôk The red grapes give the best juice.
winu PART very, extremely Winu nuwuskinupa ôtay I was very young then.
winuwáhs NA wild onion winuwáhsak onions winuwáhsuk in the onion Squsumsh winuwáhs! Cut the onion into small pieces!
wipi CONJ only, but, rather, instead (indicates sharper contrast than qut) Qunimunhanuk nitay apupanik ôtay, wipi iyo apuwak yotay Mohiksuk They lived there on Long Island then, but now they live here in Mohegan.
wipumá- VTI he eats it with him, he shares a meal with him nuwipumá I eat it with him wipumá s/he eats it with him kuwipumámun you and I eat it with him sg : wipumásh Eat it with him! pl : wipumáq Eat it with him! wipumátuk Let’s eat it! wipumát that he eat it with him Niwuci yok wáh nuwipumuqak pôhshqá For they can eat with me at noon.
wiqáhsh NA swan wiqáhshák swans wiqáhshák on the swan Máhshakit, wôpisut cits usuwisuw wiqáhsh The big, white bird is called a swan.
wiqáhsun PART good morning! Wiqáhsun! Ômkish! Pátôhtáw Good Morning. Get up now! It's sunrise.
wiqám NI wigwam, a round dwelling made of bent saplings tied at the crotches with braided seagrass, covered on the outside with bark, mats, skins or leafed branches, covered on the inside with mats or skins, some embroidered or otherwise decorated. wiqámash wigwams wiqámuk in the wigwam Wuc’hkapiyuk ôkhum wiqam Birch bark covered the wigwam.
wiqanôtik NI lamp, candle wiqanôtikansh lamps wiqanôtikanuk in the lamp Qá yo wiqanôtik And here is a lamp. Yo nuwiqanôtikanun Here is our lamp; Ni kuwiqanôtikanuw That’s your (plural) lamp. Kuwiqanôtikanuwôwash Our lamps.
wiqáshum NI moonlight wiqáhsumuk in the moonlight Mutáhkutuk wiqáhsumuk! Let’s dance in the moonlight!
wiqay NI light wiqayash lights wiqayuk in the light Nokimut wuci wiqayash wohshuwôwah, wici asu mutu wutôkátak qushkiyôk áhtá [It] comes down from the Father of Lights, with no turning shadows.