Mohegan to English



wasapáyu- VII it is thin, slender wasapáyuw it is thin wasapáyush they are thin wásapák that it is thin wásapáks that they are thin Wásqak punitôk wasapáyuw The sharp knife is slender.
waskici PREP on the surface of, over, above, upon Waskici piyôkut nutap I am on top of the blanket.
waskicikamuq NI roof ‘house top’ waskicikamuqash roofs waskicikamuquk on the roof Yo waskicikamuq Here is the roof.
wáskicipuskq NI the top of a rock, a cliff wáskicipuskqash the summit wáskicipuskquk at the summit Ponam wáskicipuskquk; mutu sáhkinum kik She put it upon the top of a rock; she poured it not upon the ground.
waskitôp NA a man, soldier, warrior waskitôpak warriors waskitôpuk on a warrior Sun kisk nit waskitôp ôqanumwihiyô kitiyayôkah? Is it a day when a man torments his soul?
watáwatôqusuwôk NI a voice watáwatôqusuwôkansh voices watáwatôqusuwôkanuk in the voice Mutu pish putamukhtiyá watáwatôqusuwôk tawomawákanuk He shall not cause his voice to be heard in the street.
wátsum- VTI he roasts it nuwátsum I roast it wátsum s/he roasts it kuwátsumumun you and I roast it sg : wátsumsh Roast it! pl : wátsumoq Roast it! wátsuk that he roasts it Wátsumtuk kôkci áskot Let’s roast the great pumpkin.
watunum- VTI he receives it, obtains it nuwatunum I receive it watunum s/he receives it kuwatunumumun you and I receive it watunumutuk Let’s receive it! sg : watunumsh Obtain it! pl : watunumoq Obtain it! wátunuk that he obtains it Manto kutayunamawuq qá mus kuwatunum mihkikuwôk wuci Manto God helps you and you will get strength from God.
wáwápi PREP above, high up, upward Wáwápi mihkunumoq Hold it up.
wáwôpaks NI shirt wáwôpaksash shirts wáwôpaksuk on the shirt Katunumsh kuwáwôpaks qá nutôc’tiyáw Take off your shirt and I will mend it.
wáwôtam NA wise man wáwôtamak wise men wáwôtamuk on the wise men Niwuci wámi wáwôtamak uk nutasotamuwôkanuk mutu tápinum wáhtiyáwahiqô ni uyôhtumuwôk All the wise men of my kingdom are not able to make known unto me the interpretation.
wáwôtam- VAI he is careful, cunning, wise nuwáwôtam I am careful wáwôtam s/he is careful kuwáwôtamumun you and I wáwôtamutuk Let’s be careful! sg : wáwôtamsh Be careful! pl : wáwôtamoq Be careful! wáwôtak that he is careful Natotumsh sôcum; wáwôtam Ask the chief; he is wise.
wayô- VII it is sunset, sundown wayôw it is sunset wáyôk that it is sunset wáyôks whenever it is sunset Wayôw! Wiyôqat wayôwôk! The sun is setting! A beautiful sunset!
wi ADV well, good Wikun! Wi kuqaqimô Good! You all run well.
wicáw- VTA he goes with him, accompanies him nuwicáwô I go with him wicáwáw s/he goes with him kuwicawômun You and I go with him wicáwutuk Let’s go with him! sg : wicáw Go with him! pl : wicáwoq Go with him! wicáwôt that he goes with him Côci nuwicáwôwak? Should I go with him? Táput ni wicáwiyáq Thanks for coming with me. Cimi côhtam wámi skitôpak wicáwak Tipi yaqi yohtuk Always he wants all men to go with the Devil to the fires.
wici PREP with, along with (‘with’ in the sense of accompaniment or ‘along with’, not as for an instrument) Noah sôpwiyusiwin…qá Noah wici pumshamun Manto Noah was a just man…and Noah walked with God.
wicuw NI a house, a dwelling-place wicômash houses wicômuk at the house Wicuw mut mô kuwacônum, totay ápuhutut kukucohkônak? Didn't you have a house where your dolls lived?
wihco- VAI he smiles nuwihco I smile wihco s/he smiles kumihcomun you and I smile sg : wihcosh Smile! pl : wihcoq Smile! wihcot that he smiles Wihcot, niyanusuw kisusq When she smiles, it is like the sun.
wihkum- VTA he calls him, summons him nuwihkumô I call him wihkumáw s/he calls him kuwihkumômun you and I call him Wihkumutuk Let’s call him! sg : wihkum Call him! pl : wihkumohq Call him! wihkumôt that he calls him Wucinah wihkumiyan, kuputôsh When you call me, I hear you; Wucinah wihkumuyôn, kuputawi When I call you, you hear me; Wucinah wihkumiyak, kuputôyumun When you call us, we hear you; Wucinah wihkumiyáq, kuputôyumô When you (all) call me, I hear you; Wucinah wihkumuyak, kuputawumun When we call you, you hear us.
wihpqat- VII it tastes good, is good to eat wihpqat it tastes good wihpqatash they taste good wihpqáhk that they taste good wihpqáhks that they taste good Páhki ni wihpqat, wipi mutu mus numicun yo kisuq That sounds good to eat, but I won't eat any today.
wihqi PREP as far as …qá wuci táwiyu wihqi sipok and from the desert to the river…
wihqitumaw- VTA 1he asks him for it, asks it of him 2( kuwihqitumôsh: ‘please’) nuwihqitumawô I ask him for it wihqitumawáw s/he asks him for it kuwihqitumawômun you and I ask him for it sg : wihqitumaw Ask him for it! pl : wihqitumawôhq Ask him for it! wihqitumawôt that he asks him for it Qá ôqánumwut wihqitumaw Manto And when he was in affliction he entreated God.
wihqsh NI the end, the utmost limit wihqshash the limits wihqshuk on the limit Wuci wihqsh pasuq wuyupaw yin wihqshuk ôkutak, páyaqisqanákát From the uttermost part of the one wing to the uttermost part of the other were ten-cubits.
wihqshiyá- VII it reaches to, ends at wihqshiyát it reaches to wihqshiyásh they reach to wihqshiyáhk when it reaches to wihqshiyáhks whenever it reaches to Qá susupáwôk i sáhwushá yaqi kihtahanuk qá wihqshiyáw sipuk And their border went up toward the sea and reached to the river.
wihshákan NI body hair (of a person), hair of an animal singular indicates a single strand of hair wihshákansh hairs wihshákanuk in the hairs nuwihshákansh my hair uwihshákansh his hair Áhqi musunumsh wihshákan kunôkanuk Don’t touch a hair on his head!