Mohegan to English



sqáhsihs NA girl sqáhsihsak girls sqáhsihsuk on the girl Nihsums yo sqáhsihs wôk This girl is also my younger sibling.
sqáwhs NA young woman sqáwhsak young women sqáwhsuk on the young woman Natôks asokuw sqáwhs My cousin is a foolish young woman.
sqôt NI door, doorway, gate sqôtásh doors sqôták at the door Sqôt ni. Suqituk That is the door. Let’s go inside.
sqôtam- VTI he spits it, expels water nusqôtam I spit sqôtam s/he spits kusqôtamun you and I spit sqôtamôt that he spits Mus kihcapunuqak sqôtamôcik He will torment those who spit at him.
squnum- VTI he squeezes it nusqunum I squeeze it wusqunum s/he squeezes it kusqunumumun you and I squeeze it sg : squnumsh Squeeze it! pl : squnumoq Squeeze it! squnumutuk Let’s squeeze it! squnuk that he squeezes it Iyo Cáhnamit iwá: ‘Tápi squnum nupi kaciyák sun?’ Now Cáhnamit said: ‘Can you squeeze water out of a stone?’ Qôpak kotayát káhtkôwi wuci mihtuq, samakun wic qá squnum When he got [had climbed] to the top of the tree, he stretched out his hand and squeezed.
squswá- VTA he cuts him into pieces nusquswá I cut him to pieces squswá s/he cuts him to pieces kusquswámun you and I cut him to pieces squswátuk Let’s cut him to pieces sg : squswásh Cut him to pieces! pl : squswáq Cut him to pieces! sqáswát that he cuts him to pieces Qino squnum uy minkiyi wásqak wus wuci sun squswáw wic paci musqihiyôkani Soon he squeezed so hard that the sharp edges of the stone cut his hand until it bled.
-sucipuk NI DEP neck nusucipuk my neck musucipukansh people’s necks nusucipukanuk on my neck wusucipuk his/her neck musucipuk someone’s neck Ki kucusutawush kusucipuk wôk Wash your neck too.
sukáyu- VII it is black sukáyuw it is black sukáyush they are black sákák that it is black sákáks that they are black Sukáyuw yo pôhpaskôk. Sukáyush yosh pôhpaskôkansh This ball is black. These balls are black. Sákák pôhpaskôk misum Give me the black ball.
sukisu- VAI he is black nusukis I am black sukisuw s/he is black kusukisumun you and I are black sákisut that he is black sákisut that they are black Sukisuw yo cits. Sukisuwak yok citsak This bird is black. These birds are black. Sákisut cits misum Give me the black bird.
sukitam- VTI he urinates on something nusukitam I urinate on it wusukitam s/he urinates on it kusukitamun you and I urinate on it sg : sukitamsh Urinate on it! pl : sukitamoq Urinate on it! sukitamutuk Let’s urinate on it! sukitak that he urinates on it Yo wunicôn cupiyut wuci wunonôkanah, wusukitam páskôsq When this child is separated from her mother she urinates on the floor .
-suks NA DEP mother-in-law nusuksak my mothers-in-law nusuksuk on my mother-in-law nusuks my mother-in-law wusuksah his/her mother-in-law kusuksunak yours and my mothers-in-law wusuksuwôwah their mothers-in-law Nusiyohs yo in tá nusuks yo sqá This man is my father-in-law and this woman is my mother-in-law
suksuw NA clam, long clam suksuwak clams suksuwuk in clams Tataskáwôtuk poqáhak! Let’s tread for clams!
sukutam- VAI he urinates nusukutam I urinate sukutam s/he urinates kusukutamumun you and I urinate sukutamutuk Let’s urinate! sg : sukutamsh Urinate! pl : sukutamoq Urinate! sákutak that he urinates Wutatamsh nupi, wáci kusukutam Drink water so that you will urinate.
sukuwin NA he who urinates sukuwinak urinaters sukuwinuk on the urinater Muskaw skitôp sukuwin yotay Find the person who urinates here!
sun NI stone sunsh stones sunuk on the stone Aqi cáqan yo sun máhsunuman What is the stone like when you touch it? Sunsh kusaputásh kôkci yohtuk The stones are heated in a great fire. Sôhkinum nupi kásaputáks sunuk He pours water on the stones. Ni sun totay kôsuqôm piyôk mut apuw nitay That stone, where the witches came, no [longer] rests there.
sun ADV adverb of asking, signifying ‘is it?’ Sun kucoy? Is that your nose?
sunamutu ADV adverb of asking, meaning ‘is it not?’ Sunamutu cits wuwac? Is it not a bird’s nest?
-supsk DEP NI the ankle nusupskash my ankles nusupskuk on my ankle Nupish musupskuk The waters were at the ankles.
suqatash NI succotash whole boiled corn; a traditional dish made with cooked corn and beans. suqatashuk in the succotash Pitawush ôkutakansh masqusitsh suqatashuk Put more beans into the succotash!
suqi NI a powder suqish powders suqik in the powder Ponam suqi páhpohs watanuk She put powder on the baby’s buttocks.
suqi- VAI he enters, comes in nusuqi I enter suqi s/he enters kusuqimun you and I enter sg : suqish Enter! pl : suqiq Enter! sáqit that he enters Áh, nákumôw na, kitôpánônak yotay. Suqiq! Oh, it’s them, our friends are here! Come in! Nuks, sqôt ni. Suqituk Yes, that’s the door. Let’s go in; Náhsuk, nutuyôhtum kitôpánônak piyôhutut. Suqihutuc Husband, I think our friends are here. Let them come in. Ki Tipi tápi mut kusuqi kisuquk You, Devil, you cannot enter heaven.
-susiton NI DEP a lip nususitonash my lips nususitonuk on my lips Nucupwutonapuq nususitonuk He kissed me on my lips.
susupôkamuq NI wall (of a house) susupôkamuqash walls susupôkamuquk on the walls Yo susupôkamukansh Here are the walls; Nuqut susupôkamuk, ôkutak susupôkamuk One wall, another wall.
swukanum- VTI he throws it (alternate spelling: suhkuhkanum) nuswukanum I throw it skukanum s/he throws it kuswukanumumun you and I throw it sg : swukanumsh Throw it! pl : swukanumoq Throw it! swáhkanuk that he throws it Nutáhqi inak swáhkanumhutut takôkansh I stopped the men that were throwing axes.
swuncák NUM thirty Nutay swuncák katumwahkam nunámôn nikut I was thirty when my son was born.