Mohegan to English



skok NA snake skokak snakes skokuk on the snake Wiyôko nunáwô sipok skok. Mihkunáw piyámáq wutonuk Yesterday I saw a snake in the river. He held a fish in his mouth.
skôks NA skunk skôksak skunks skôksuk on the skunk Awáyáhsak yok. Noy’hc, toyupáhs, skôks, wôpsuq, tá muks These are animals. Deer, turtle, skunk, eagle, and wolf.
skôt PART lest, otherwise (alternative spelling: shkôt) Pátawush pohshi sôhtásh, skôt pátawush wutáhumsh Bring some blueberries, otherwise bring strawberries.
socpo- VII it is snowing, it snows socpo it is snowing socpok that it is snowing socpoks whenever it snows Kon! Socpo; Snow! It is snowing! Socpoks ôkumham Whenever it is snowing he goes snowshoeing. Mutáwi kon, socpo iyo Much snow, it is snowing now.
sôcum NA chief, sachem sôcumôk sachems sôcumôk in the sachem Wôkumohq sôcum áhtáwôkanuk witupôhtak Salute the chief in the place that is sacred.
sôhká- VAI he wins, triumphs nusôhká I win sôhká s/he wins kusôhkámun you and I win sg : sôhkásh Win! pl : sôhkáq Win! sôhkátuk Let’s win! sôhkát that he wins Kusôhká somi nipuwan You triumph when you stand up.
sôhsuni- VAI he is tired, weary nusôhsuni I am tired sôhsuni s/he is tired kusôhsunimun you and I are tired sg : sôhsunish Be tired! pl : sôhsuniq Be tired! sôhsunit that he is tired Nocshá Palmertown wiyôko, winu nusôhsuni macush wuyôksuw I went to Palmertown yesterday, I was extremely tired last evening.
sôht NI blueberry sôhtásh blueberries sôhták in the blueberries Pátawush pohshi sôhtásh, skôt pátawush wutáhumsh Bring some blueberries, otherwise bring strawberries.
sokuyôn NI rain sokuyônsh rains sokuyôk in the rain Sokuyôn qusuqan The rain is heavy.
sokuyôn- VII it rains, there is rain sokuyôn it is raining sokuyôk that it is raining sokuyôks whenever it is raining Sokuyôn! Mutáwi nuwutakis It is raining! I am very wet! Máhci- sokuyôk, uqanaqôn After it rains, a rainbow. Sokuyôks nukupham kinakinikansh Whenever it rains I close the windows. Kupqat wámi kisk, qá sokuyôn nupáw kiskash It was cloudy all day, and it has rained for five days.
sokuyôqat- VII it is rainy sôkuyôqat it is rainy sôkuyôqatash they are rainy sôkuyôqáhk that it is rainy sôkuyôqáhks whenever it is rainy Kupqat, sokuyônqat, mawi wiyôn It is cloudy, it’s been rainy, full moon.
sômi CONJ because, because of Manto wikuw sômi wáhtôw wámi cáqansh God is good because he knows all things.
sôp NI cornmeal mush, corn soup sôpônuk in the corn soup Naspi yoht mô aposuwak sôp Mohiksinak Mohegans used to cook cornmeal mush on a fire. Numic nusôp I eat my cornmeal mush.
sôpáyu- VII it is straight, right, proper sôpáyuw it is right sôpáyush they are right sôpák that it is right sôpáks that they are right Yo wutqun sôpayuw This stick is straight.
sôpwi ADV uprightly, straight …náh sôpwiyusi pumshát, qá sôpwi áyôt … he who walks righteously, and speaks uprightly…
sôpwisu- VAI he is straight, upright nusôpwis I am upright sôpwisuw s/he is upright kusôpwisumun you and I are upright sg : sôpwisush Be upright! pl : sôpwisuq Be upright! sôpwisut that he is upright Na wáskitôp sôpwisuw qá qáshôt Mantoh That man was upright and feared God.
sôpwiyusiwin NA a just man, one who acts with justice or righteousness Noah sôpwiyusiwin…qá Noah wici pumshamun Manto Noah was a just man…and Noah walked with God.
sôpwiyusiwôk NI uprightness (in doing), justice, righteousness Ni pish sôpwiyusuwôk uk áyaqapi Káwtántowit kumanto …that shall be righteousness unto thee before the Lord thy God.
sôqhuwá- VAI he overcomes, prevails, has the mastery nusôqhuwá I prevail sôqhuwá s/he prevails kusôqhuwámun you and I prevail sg : sôqhuwásh Prevail! pl : sôqhuwáq Prevail! sôqhuwát that he prevails Nusôqhuwá Mohiks uyôtowáwôk I have mastered the Mohegan language.
sôwanayo ADV south, southward Kahôkak sôwanayo towuwak The geese are flying south.
sowiná- VAI he plunges (into whatever), he casts himself in nusowiná I plunge in sowiná s/he plunges in kusowinámun you and I plunge in sowinátuk Let’s plunge in sg : sowinásh Plunge in! pl : sowináq Plunge in! sowinát that he plunges in Sowiná kiht’hanuk He plunged into the ocean.
sowunáw- VTA he sent him, took him nusowunáwô I sent him sowunáw s/he took him kusowunáwômun You and I took him sowunáwutuk Let’s send him! sg : sowunáw Send him! pl : sowunoq Send him! sowunôt that he sends him qá sowunáwak Cuwsup Iciptuk …and they took Joseph into Egypt.
sôyôqat- VII it is cold (of substances) sôyôqat it is cold sôyôqatash they are cold sôyôqáhk that it is cold sôyôqáhks whenever it is cold Yo nupi sôyôqát This water is cold. Sôyôqat áwan mut wáconôt áwan It is too cold for anyone not having someone.
spushá- VAI he ascends, goes up into the air spushá I go up in the air spushá s/he go up in the air spushámun you and I go up in the air sg : spushásh go up in the air! pl : spusháq go up in the air! spáshát that he go up in the air Máhshák wutun táhqunáw, qá spushá A great wind caught him, and he flew up into the air.
sqá NA woman sqá(wa)k women sqá(wu)k on the woman Awán yo sqá? Who is this woman? Kunawáw in sqáh The man is looking at the woman. Sqák kihtaw Listen to the women.