Mohegan to English



nupáwut NUM fifth Niskiniwôqat nupáwut? Is the fifth one dirty?
nupi NI water nupish waters nupik in the water Yo nupi kusapitáw This water is hot. Nupish musupskuk The waters were at the ankles.
nupsapáq NI lake, pond nupsapáqash lakes nupsapáquk in the lake Toyupáhs apuw nupsawáquk The turtle is in the pond.
nupu- VAI he dies, is dead nunup I die nupuw s/he dies kunupumun you and I die sg : nupush Die! pl : nupuq Die! nápuk that he dies Côci kiyaw wikuw wôk, ôtay mus nápuyan kutap mantuwuk, ni iwá Manto You ought to be good also, then when you die you live in heaven, this says God.
nuqôhtuk ADV in peril, in danger Nuputukunikun nuniqôhtuk pumôtamuwôkansh … We eat our bread in peril of our lives…
nuqusôno- VTI he takes heed of something, is aware nunuqusôno I am aware of it nuqusônôw s/he is aware of it kunuqusônomun you and I are aware of it sg : nuqusônosh Beware it! pl : nuqusônoq Beware it! nuqusônôk when he is aware of it Nuqusônosh ayumak, nuqusônosh mácisaq nuqusônosh kin iyan Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of a sharp tongue.
nuqusuná- VAI he is careful, acts cautiously, takes heed nunuqusuná I am careful nuqusunáw s/he is careful kunuqusunámun you and I are careful sg : nuqusunásh Be careful! pl : nuqusunáq Be careful! náqusunát that he is careful Nunuqusunáq, ahqi kutáhash asokikámác take heed, that your heart be not deceived…
nuqut NUM 1one 2(accent falls on 2nd syllable) Nuqut, nis, shwi, yáw, nupáw, qutôsk, nisôsk, shwôsk, pásukokun One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
nuqutcipay NI the portion or share of one person, a share, a part nuqutcipayash portions nuqutcipayuk in the portion …Qá pish áhtawut áhtuwôk nuqucipay …and shall have part of the inheritance…
nuqutukiyun NA an only child, son or daughter nunuqutukiyun my only child kunuqutukiyununônak our only children nunuqutukiyunuk on my only child …sômi ayuw nunuqutukiyun for he is mine only child.
nuqutuqunakat- VII it is one day, first day, Monday nuqutuqunakat it is one day náqutuqunakáhk that it is one day náqutuqunakáhks Whenever it is Monday
nusáhki ADV all the while, so long as Mutu numic wiyawhs nusáhki ahki I will eat no flesh while the world standeth.
nush PRON which (not in a question) …as nush wiyokanah mutu wáhtôk cáqan i, asu totay áyôt during which his wife did not know what he did, or where he went.
nushá- VAI he goes to be alone, withdraws noshá I go to be alone nushá he goes to be alone kunushámun you and I go to be alone sg : nushásh go to be alone! pl : nusháq go to be alone! nushát that he go to be alone Nushá wuci yáw kiskash He went to be alone for four days.
nusiqôn- VAI he remains alone nunusiqôni I remain alone nusiqôni, you and s/he remains alone kunusiqônumun I remain alone sg : nusiqônush remain alone! pl : nusiqônuq remain alone! násiqônuk that he remains alone Nukatum wumicuwôk, násiqônuk wuci yáw kiskash He left his food behind, when he remained alone.
nuskinôqat- VII it is dirty, unclean nuskinôqat it is dirty nuskinôqatash they are dirty náskinôqáhk that it is dirty náskinôqáhks that it is dirty Wipi nuskinôqat yo punitôk But this knife is dirty; Nicish niskiniwôqatash My hands are dirty.
nuskinôqusu- VAI he is dirty nunskinôqus I am dirty nuskinôqusuw s/he is dirty kunskinôqusumô you and I are dirty nuskinôqusutuk Let’s get dirty! nuskinôqusush Get dirty! pl : nuskinôqusuq Get dirty! náskinôqusut that he is dirty Nuskinôqusuwak sômi pôhpuwak pusakuk They are dirty because they played in the mud.
-nuso NA DEP testicle nunusowak my testicles wunusok in his testicles Nutakamuq nunusok He struck me in my testicles.
nusu- VAI he is alone nunus I am alone nusuw s/he is alone kunusumun you and I are alone sg : nusush Be alone! pl : nusuq Be alone! násuk that he is alone Wáhsukah ákayôt, winu nusuw When her husband left her, she was extremely alone.
nusuwi ADV alone, lonely Muks nusuwi pámshát, onon wiyonuk The wolf who walks alone, is howling at the moon. Nusuwi nukatumsh náhtiya! Sakipo Leave the dog alone! He bites.