Mohegan to English



k’hpáy NI forest, woods k’hpáyash forests k’hpák in the forest K’hpayuk acá muks The wolf hunts in the forest.
kaci ADV already (indicates completion) Ciwi pôhsqá, kaci numic nutináy sômi yôtumôn It is nearly noon, already I ate my dinner because I was hungry .
kacihto- VTI he finishes it nukacihto I finish it kacihtôw s/he finishes it kukacihtomun you and I finish it sg : kacihtawush Finish it! pl : kacihtawoq Finish it! kácihtôk when he finishes it Upihsháw, tápi yo kukacihto? Blossom, can you finish this? Tápáks kukacihtomun Whenever it is enough, we are done.
kácitpiyawat NI trunk of a tree kácitpiyawatash tree trunks kácitpiyawatuk on the tree trunk Shwi skitôpak mihkunumhutut wicuwôwash mutu tápi-qunupáhtôwak kácitpiyawat Three people holding hands could not encompass the tree trunk.
kaciyá- VAI he goes or comes out of nukaciyáw I go out of kaciyáw s/he goes out of kukaciyáwámun you and I go out of sg : kaciyásh Go out! pl : kaciyáq Go out! kaciyátuk Let’s get out! kaciyát that he goes out of Kaciyásh nucupuwicuw Get out of my room!
kackáy NI a piece, a portion, or fragment of kackáyash pieces kackák on the piece Qá mak kackáy cupisakatôk wici nákum, kotayáw mihtuq And taking a piece of curd with him, he began to climb a tree.
kahôk NA goose kahôkak geese kahôkuk on the goose Kahôkak towuwak sôwanayo The geese are flying south.
káhsh NA cow káhshunak cows káhshunuk on the cow Káhsh kusamô You feed the cow. Cits káhshuk The bird is on the cow.
káhtkôwi NI a summit or high place, the top of a hill káhtkôwish summits káhtkôwik on the summit Wuci káhtkôwi k, Wôks tápinam kiht’han From the summit, Uncas could see the ocean.
káhtôpskáwuk NI the top of a rock, the summit of a cliff or crag káhtôpskáwukansh summits káhtôpskáwukanuk on the summit Ámáwunamôwôwah i káhtôpskáwuk, qá skukanumôwôwah wuci káhtôpskáwuk They took them to the top of the rock, and cast them down from the top of the rock.
káhtôquwuk NI a pile, a heap, that which is heaped high, by placing one above another káhtôquwukansh heaps káhtôquwukanuk in the pile Tamakan nipawash ôyatuh káhtôquwuk The floods stood upright as a heap.
kakiwá- VAI he is drunk nukakiwá I am drunk kakiwá s/he is drunk kukakiwámun you and I are drunk sg : kakiwásh Get drunk! pl : kakiwáq Get drunk! kákiwát that he is drunk Katawi kukakiwá You are going to get drunk.
-kamuq FINAL an artificial enclosure, a building not used for a dwelling; also denoting parts or types of buildings. kamuqsh buildings- kamuquk at the buildings- Awáyáhsak wacônucik apuwôk wuci waskici_kamuq_ qunôkan The animals were kept in a place with a tall roof.
katawi INIT he is going to, intends to, about to Cáqan katawi micuw áhsup? What’s the raccoon going to eat?
kátsh NI the beginning of what continues to be kátshash beginnings kátshuk in the beginning Wuski kátshuk Manto ayum kisuk tá áhki In the new beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Yo uspunawán quni-yôwat, kátshuk pômkoki This all happened a very long time ago, back in the beginning of the world.
katukôm- VAI he is sleepy nukatukôm I am sleepy katukôm s/he is sleepy kukatukômumun you and I are sleepy katukômak they are sleepy sg : katukômsh Be sleepy! pl : katukômoq Be sleepy! kátukôk that he is sleepy Nukatukôm, nukawi I am sleepy, I am going to sleep.
katumu- VII it is a year katumuw it is a year katumush, katumsh they are years kátumuk that there is a year kátumuks that there are years Áhkihcámuk. Iyo kucshun katumuw Planting time. The year begins now.
katumuw NI a year katumuwash years katumuwuk in the year Nuqut Mohiks katumuw One Mohegan year. Ôkowi kutapumôpa mutáwiyush katumuwash, wipi iyo kuputukimô qá yotay kutapumô You all lived away for many years, but now you have come back and you live here.
katunum- VTI he takes off clothing nukatunum I undress katunum s/he undresses kukatunumumun you and I undress katunumak they undress sg : katunumsh Undress! pl : katunumoq Undress! Katunumutuk Let’s undress! kátunuk that they undress Katunumsh kuwáwôpaks qá nutôc’tiyáw Take off your shirt and I will mend it.
kátunum- VTI he pulls one thing out of another nukátunum I pull it out kátunum s/he pulls it out kukátunumun you and I pull it out sg : kátunumsh Pull it out! pl : kátunumoq Pull it out! kátunumutuk Let’s pull it out! kátunuk that he pulls it out Kipi, spunum wic i kunôk qá wuci káhtkôwi kunôk kátunum quni-wohpsk Quickly, she lifted her hand to her head and from the top of her head pulled out a long hair.
kawi- VAI he sleeps, is asleep nukawi I am asleep kawi s/he is asleep kukawimun you and I are asleep sg : kawish Go to sleep! pl : kawiq Go to sleep! kawituk Let’s sleep! káwit when he is asleep Tápkuks kawiw At nighttime he sleeps. Côci nukawi! Kawish! I need to sleep! Go to sleep! Nukatukôm, nukawi I am sleepy, I go to sleep.
Kawtántowit NA the Creator, the spiritual force of the universe Káwtántowituk in Káwtántowit Káwtántowit kukis’huwáwuqun; Manto kutatohumuqun Káwtántowit made us; Manto owns us. Qá Kawtántowit pish na nitay anunumáwuquw nanukshayi mutáh, tá sáwiks muskisuqash but the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes…
kawus NI a thorn, a briar kawusash thorns kawusuk on the thorns Kawusash áhta yosh kihcáwôkanuk Thorns are on those plants.
kayoy- VTA he speaks to him nukayoyô I speak to him kayoyáw s/he speaks to him kukayoyômun you and I speak to him kayoyak they speak to him sg : kayos Go speak to him! pl : kayoyohq Go speak to him! kayoyutuk Let’s speak to him! káyoyôt that he speaks to him Nukayoyô in I am talking to the man. Kayoyáw muks wiyonah The wolf is talking to the moon. Kayos sqá (singular you) Talk to the woman. Kayoyohq sqá (plural you) Talk to the woman. Káyoyôt wutqun Talking stick.
kayoyuwôk NI word, language kayoyuwôkansh words kayoyuwôkanuk in the language Kayoyuwôk mihkunum kitiyayôk wuci wutaymôyin Language holds the life force of a nation.