Mohegan to English



c’wáyu- VII it is warm (of weather) c’wáyuw it is warm cáhwáhk when it is warm cáhwáhks when they are warm Kisusq c’wáyuw, ciwi tupkuw The sun is warm, it’s nearly night.
cáhak PART where (in questions) used in questions, but not relative clauses (for the latter see /totay/) Yosh canaw páyaq napni nuqut. Cáhak áhtá páyaq napni nisut? There are only 11 here. Where is the twelfth?
cáhci ADV half, partly Cáhci iwák mut wimonáyuw uy iwák Half of what they say is not true as they say it.
cáhqin NI partially subterranean house with a sod roof, a sod house cáhqinsh sod houses cáhqinuk in the sod house Yoht áhta wutak cáhqinuk A fire is located at the back of the sod house.
cáhsháyuwôk NI family cáhsháyuwôkansh families cáhsháyuwôkanuk in a family Nucáhsháyuwôk nákumôw They are my family; Inkôtôk wici wámi kucáhsháyuwôkanun wustawutuk Let’s build a picture of our entire family; Qutôsk nunicônak apuwak yo cáhsháyuwôkanuk These are the six children in this family.
cáhshi PART how much, how many (inanimate) cáhshinsh how many Kunámumô cáhshinsh wácônumak yotay? Do you see how much we have here?
cáhsun- VII it is hard, solid, rigid cáhsunsh they are hard cáhsuk that it is hard cáhsuks that they are good Wutqun mutáwi cáhsun The stick is very rigid. cáyhqatuk that s/he hurried Cáyhqatumsh! Côci kutômun Hurry! We must go.
cáhsuw PART how much, how many (animate) cáhsuwak plural Cáhsuwak musqalyanák apuwak mihtuquk How many red-tailed hawks are in this tree?
cánaw ADV only, but, unless Skitôp mutu wáhtôw cánaw kôcuci uy wáhôt Manto A person does not know but a little unless knowing God.
cápiká NI root cápikásh roots cápikák on the root Nis ayonash táhqunum cápikák Two arrowheads were caught in the roots.
cáq NI swamp, marsh cáqash swamps cáquk in the swamp Côhtam mushoy ô papaspi cáq They want a boat to go through the swamp.
cáqan PRON what, something, thing cáqansh things Cáqan kusamôwunônak? What do we feed them?; Wámi cáqansh wômôhtam, wámi skitôpáh wômôyáw He loves everything, he loves all people.
cáwhki NI a minute, a point, a moment cáwhkish moments cáwhkik in a minute Nuwawôtamun yo cawhkuk I testify at this moment…
cáyá- VTA he seeks him nucáyá I seek him cáyáw s/he seeks him kucáyômun you and I seek him cáyátuk Let’s seek him sg : cáyásh Seek him! pl : cáyôhq Seek him! cáyôt that he seek him Cáyásh qá pish kumuskaw Seek and ye shall find.
cáyhqatum- VAI he is in a hurry nucáyhqatum I am in a hurry cáyhqatum s/he is in a hurry kucáyhqatumumun you and I are in a hurry sg : cáyhqatumsh Hurry up! pl : cáyhqatumoq hurry up! cáyhqatumtuk let’s hurry!
cáyhs NA old person, elder, old man cáyhsak elders cáysuk on the elder Qá cáyhsah wikuk nipawak wutômohkunahutut wuci ahkik And the elders of his house stood to raise him up from the earth .
cikáhtu- VII it burns, as a fire or a torch cikáhtuw it burns cikáhtush they burn cikáhtuk that it burns cikáhtuks whenever it burns Yoht mus cikátuw paci wayôk The fire will burn until sundown.
cikásá- VTA he burns him nucikásá I burn him cikásáw s/he burns him kucikásámun you and I burn him cikásátuk Let’s burn him sg : cikásásh Burn him! pl : cikásáq Burn him! cikását that he burns him Cits towuw yohtuk qá cikásáw wahak The bird flew into the fire and burned himself.
cikásum- VTI he burns it nucikásum I burn it cikásum he burns it kucikásumumun you and I burn it sg : cikásumsh Burn it! pl : cikásumoq Burn it! cikásumuk that he burns it Cikásum shwi uyani wutqunash witupôhtak wiyohtuk He burns three kinds of wood in the sacred fire.
cikásuwôk NI a burning (active) cikásuwôkansh burnings cikásuwôkanuk at the burning Sayakat áhqit k’hpáy cikásuwôk It is difficult to stop a forest burning.
cikáswutuwôk NI a burn, being burned (passive) cikásuwutuwôkansh burnings cikásuwutuwôkanuk at the burning Kutáhqunômun nis inak môwáwikamuq cikásuwutuwôkanuk We seized two men at the church burning.
cikham- VTA he sweeps him nucikham I sweep him cikham s/he sweeps him kucikhamôwun you and I sweep him sg : cikham Sweep him! pl : cikhamôhq Sweep him! cikhamôtuk Let’s help him! cikhamôt that s/he sweeps him Cikham aniks qaci wicuw She sweeps the chipmunks out of the house.
cikham- VTI he sweeps it nucikham I sweep it cikham s/he sweeps it kucikhamumun you and I sweep it sg : cikhamsh sweep it! pl : cikhamoq sweep it! cikhamhutut that they sweep it Cikham puqi yohtuk He swept the ashes into the fire.
cikhamuwôk NI broom cikhamuwôkansh brooms cikhamuwôkanuk on the broom Mokiks winay mawi ônqshôt cikhamuwôkansh New Londonuk An old Mohegan woman went to sell brooms in New London.
cikiyu- VII it is late, after a while, a long time cikiyuw it is late cikiyuk when it is late cikiyuks whenever it is late Cikiyuw, pakatôtám nákayôt After a while, she decided that she would leave him.