mamitawási- VAI he pushes out into a lake or open water numamitawási I push out into a lake mamitawási s/he pushes out into a lake kumamitawásimun you and I push out into open water mamitawásish Push out on the lake! pl : mamitawásiq Push out on the lake! mamitawásit that he pushes out on the lake Wôpak, posiyuw mushoyak qá mamitawási When it is dawn, he gets in his canoe and pushes out on the lake. Qaci wumushoy, pôsutnasun takôkansh, nit, mámitawásik nupik, qihshô mushoyuk yôpi He jumped off his canoe, dragged it over the mortars, then, pushing it back into the water, he jumped into the canoe again.

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