qushá- VTA he is afraid of him, fears him nuqshô I am afraid of him qusháw s/he is afraid of him kuqshômun you and I are afraid of him qushátuk Let’s be afraid of him sg : qush Be afraid of him! pl : qushohq Be afraid of him! qáshôt that he is afraid of him Wámi skitôpáh qusháw He is afraid of everybody. Nuks, wôcak nuqshô Yes, I am afraid of everyone. Na wáskitôp sôpwisuw qá qáshôt Mantoh That man was upright and feared God. Manto wikuw. Nukawi; mut cáqan piyô mô nuqshôwak God is good. I slept; nothing came that I fear.

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