micu- VTI he eats it numic I eat it micuw s/he eats it kumicumun you and I eat it sg : micush Eat it! pl : micuq Eat it! micuk that he eats it Cáqan katawi-micuw áhsup? What’s the raccoon going to eat? Áhsup uyáw áyiqsah, “Cáqan micuwak áyiqsak?” Raccoon says to Ant, “What do ants eat?” Kumic sôp yo yôpôwik? Did you eat cornmeal mush this morning? Mutu, mut numicun No, I did not eat any. Iyo micutuk sôp Let’s eat some cornmeal mush now. Tahniyuk miyak putukunikanihs, mus umicun If I give her a cookie, she will eat it. Micuwak yosh Manto miyáw, ôtay kutomák They eat these things God gives them, then they sing.

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