wacônum- VTI he has it, keeps it nuwacônum I keep it wacônum s/he keeps it kuwacônumumun you and I keep it wacônumutuk Let’s keep it! sg : wacônumsh Keep it! pl : wacônumoq Keep it! wácônuk that he keeps it Nutaposuwôk-cupukamukanuk, nuwacônum ahutanishunimuk wôk In my kitchen, I have a stove also. Wiqam mut mô kuwacônum, totay ápuhutut kukucohkônak Didn’t you have a [Indian] house where your dolls lived? Nuwacônumumun yoht wáci napukak We keep a fire for the dead. Kunámumô cahshinsh wácônumak yotay? Do you see how much we have here? Cumôkusu inskitôp mut wacônum munish Poor Indian he has no money.

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