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tápi PART enough, can, able Mutáwi wikun. Tápi. Táput ni Very good. That’s enough. Thank you. Nuks, kutápimun Yes, we can.

tapiniyáwá- VTA he accepts him, is satisfied with him nutapiniyáwáw I accept him tapiniyáwáw s/he accepts him kutapiniyáwáwômun you and I accept him tapiniyáwáwôtuk Let’s accept him! sg : natáwôpamáw Accept him! pl : tapiniyáwáwohq Accept him! tápiniyáwáwôt that he accepts him Tapiniyawáh Manto, qá tapiniyawá waskitôpak he is acceptable to God, and approved of men.

tapinumámun- VII it is worthy tapinumamun it is worthy tapinumamunsh they are worthy tapinumamuk when it is worthy tapinumamuks whenever it is worthy Qut mutu tapinumomun, kuwuyohtiyôk ôpôcumosh i kahakák but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you.

matapu- VAI he sits down, is seated numatap I sit down matapuw s/he sits down kumatapumun you and I sit down mataputuk Let’s sit down! sg : matapsh Sit down! pl : matapiq Sit down! mátaput that he sits down Taspowôkanuk mus numatap I will sit at the table. Kuski nahak mátapsh Sit by me. Mátapiq wuci nahakánônak Sit with us, you all!

nimskam- VTI he gets it, fetches it nunimskam I fetch it nimskam s/he fetches it kunimskamumun you and I fetch it sg : nimskamsh Fetch it! pl : nimskamoq Fetch it! nimskak that he fetches it Mut tápi nimskam He cannot go get it.

kumotu- VAI he steals nukumot I steal kumotuw s/he steals kukumotumun you and I steal sg : kumotush Steal! pl : kumotuq Steal! kámotut that he steals …kaci tápi kámotuyak …that they could steal. Kumotuwin mutu piyo, qut kámotut tá náhshôt, tá pákowatiyát The thief doesn’t come, but to steal and kill and destroy.

-sit NI DEP foot nusit My foot nusitash my feet nusituk on my foot wusit his/her foot musit someone’s foot Yo nusit Here is my foot. Kusit wutôtunumsh Pull back your foot. Wusit tápi kunámumun We can see his foot.

nayawi ADV, INIT freely, free Tápi piyô qá nayawi ô He can come and go freely. Nayawi môci papaspi k’páy He freely moved through the forest.

wusuh- VTA he makes him nuwusuhô I make him wusuháw s/he makes him kuwusuhômun you and I make him wusuhutuk Let’s make him! sg : wusuh Make him! pl : wusuhohq Make him! wásuhak that he makes him Mut tápi nuwusuhô nahak I cannot make myself.

noci ADV from that time, therefrom, henceforth Noci wutâpináw qunupki ô From that time she was able to see him everywhere he went.
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