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qaci ADV outside (of), outdoors Manotá qaci áhtá pawanatôk The fan is out of the basket.

qaci- VAI he goes outside, goes out, gets off of, exits nuqaci I am outside qaci s/he is outside kuqacimun you and I are outside sg : qacish Go outside! pl : qaciq Go outside! qácit that he is outside Páwihsa, kumuskawi, nuqaci Okay, you found me, I’m coming out; Qaciq wuci nitay Come out of there!

quci- VAI he tries, attempts nuquci I am trying quci s/he tries kuqucimun you and I try sg : qucish Try! pl : quciq Try! qácit that he tries Sokuyôks nuquci mutu wátukisuyôn Whenever it is raining I try not to get wet. Páwihsa, iyo _kiyaw_ quciq Okay, now _you_ try it

qucimôtam- VTI he smells it (deliberately), sniffs it nuqucimôtam I sniff it qucimôtam s/he smells it kuqucimôtamun you and I smell it qucimôtamutuk Let’s smell it! sg : qucimôtamsh Sniff it! pl : qucimôtamq Sniff it! qácimôtak that he sniffs it Qucimôtamsh upihsháwansh Smell the flowers!

qucimôy- VTA he smells him (deliberately), sniff him (y-stem) nuqucimôyô I smell him qucimôyáw s/he smells him kuqucimôyômun you and I smell him qucimôyutuk Let’s smell him! sg : qucimôs Smell him! pl : qucimôyohq Smell him! qácimôyôt that he smells him Qucimôyáw muks citsah The wolf smells the bird.

ôtshohkôk NI myth, legend ôtshohkôkansh myths ôtshohkôkanuk in the myth Qaci pumshá ôtshohkôk He walked out of a legend.

cikham- VTA he sweeps him nucikham I sweep him cikham s/he sweeps him kucikhamôwun you and I sweep him sg : cikham Sweep him! pl : cikhamôhq Sweep him! cikhamôtuk Let’s help him! cikhamôt that s/he sweeps him Cikham aniks qaci wicuw She sweeps the chipmunks out of the house.

apqáwôk NI a covering (something that would protect a person from the elements) apqáwôkansh coverings apqáwôkanuk on the covering Hákáts iyaki apqáwôk wuci qaci wiqám The outer bark becomes a cover for the outside of the wigwam.

hákáts NI outer bark of a tree hákátsash bark of different trees hákátsuk on the bark Hákáts iyaki apqáwôk wuci qaci wiqám The outer bark becomes a cover for the outside of the wigwam.

wiwaqutum- VTI he talks about it nuwiwaqutum I talk about it wiwaqutum s/he talks about it kuwiwaqutumumun you and I talk about it sg : wiwaqutumsh Talk about it! pl : wiwaqutumoq Talk about it! wiwaqutuk that he talks about it Iyo ‘ayômi’ tá ‘pahqaci’ wiwaqutumutuk Now let’s talk about “in” and “out”.
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