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noci ADV from that time, therefrom, henceforth Noci wutâpináw qunupki ô From that time she was able to see him everywhere he went.

-ocituwôk NA DEP parent nocituwôkak my ancestors nocituwôkuk on my ancestors Qá ocituwôkah pásahutut uk piyusihs And the parents brought in the child.

ôqatôk NI a recompense, wages, or reward ôqatôkansh rewards ôqatôkanuk in the reward Niwuci tônociwôwak pish wutôqatôk For vanity shall be his recompense.

natiniham- VTI he seeks it nunatiniham I seek it natiniham he seeks it kunatinihamumun you and I seek it sg : natinihamsh Seek it! pl : natinihamoq Seek it! nátinihak that he seeks it Noci natiniham utuyuw táhqunumuwôk From thence she seeketh the prey.