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mus PART future marker, ‘will’ Kunicôn mus numihkunô I will hold your baby. Mus kunáwush See you later. Côci kiyaw wikuq wôk, ôtay mus nápuyan kutap mantuwuk, ni iwá Manto You must be good too, then when you die you will rest in heaven, that says God.

côci PART must, have to Côci kusam kácuc wôk You must feed her hay also.

musqi NI blood musqik in someone’s blood numsqi my blood umsqi his blood numsqik in my blood Numsqi siyáhshá qunupki My blood was scattered disastrously everywhere.

pupiqá- VAI he plays music, plays a flute nupupiqá I play music pupiqá s/he plays music kupupiqámun you and I play music pupiqátuk Let’s play music! sg : pupiqásh Play music! pl : pupiqáq Play music! pápiqát that he plays music Nuputam Mátáhkát Ôkát wuci nik, pápiqát I hear Dancing Shadow from my home, when he plays the flute.

pupiqáwôk NI music pupiqáwôkansh music pupiqáwôkanuk on the music Kuqáhshapumun. Pupiqátuk We are ready. Let’s play music!

mushôc NA lobster mushôcák lobsters mushôcák on the lobster Nikôni in mohôt mushôc mutáwi yôtum The first man that ate lobster was very hungry.

mushoy NI boat, canoe mushoyash boats mushoyak on the boat Côhtam mushoy ok papaspi cáq They want a boat to go through the swamp.

musinun NA a man; a captive or tributary musinunak people musinunuk on the captive Qut paswu numusinunak ômkik uy matwáw But lately my people have risen up as an enemy.

muskam- VTI he finds it numskam I find it muskam s/he finds it kumskamumun you and I find it sg : muskamsh Find it! pl : muskamoq Find it! máskak that he finds it Ôkutak inkôtôk numuskam I found another picture. Mut numskam cáqan I cannot find anything.

muskaw- VTA he finds him numskawô I find him muskawáw s/he finds him kumskawômun you and I find him muskawutuk Let’s find him! muskaw Find him! muskôhq Find him! máskawôt that he finds him Putaqiq, qá kumskôyumô You all hide and I will find you. Wikuw skitôp akôhsihsuwak. Nátskawôt, mut tápi kumskawô A good man is not many. Looking, you cannot find him.
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