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máhci- INIT after, in time; it passes away, is gone [he has done it] Wutatam máhci mitsuw She drinks after she eats.

uqanaqôn NA rainbow uqanaqônak rainbows uqanoqônuk in the rainbow Máhci-sokuyôk, uqanaqôn After the rain, a rainbow.

sokuyôn- VII it rains, there is rain sokuyôn it is raining sokuyôk that it is raining sokuyôks whenever it is raining Sokuyôn! Mutáwi nuwutakis It is raining! I am very wet! Máhci- sokuyôk, uqanaqôn After it rains, a rainbow. Sokuyôks nukupham kinakinikansh Whenever it rains I close the windows. Kupqat wámi kisk, qá sokuyôn nupáw kiskash It was cloudy all day, and it has rained for five days.

mukunum- VTI he picks it, gathers it (as of fruit, or other inanimate objects) numukunum I pick it mukunum s/he picks it kumukunumumun you and I pick it mukunumutuk Let’s pick it! sg : mukunumsh Pick it! pl : mukunumoq Pick it! mákunut that he picks it Mus kumukunumumun wiwáhcumunsh, masqusitsh, tá áskotash We will pick some corn, beans and squash. Masqusitsh numáhci-mukunum I am done picking beans.