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kisk NI day kiskash days kiskuk on the day Wikun kisk Good day. Yo kisk wikun Today is good.

mikiskutu- VAI he is lazy numikiskut I am lazy mikiskutuw s/he is lazy kumikiskutumun you and I are lazy mikiskututuk Let’s be lazy! sg : mikiskutush Be lazy! pl : mikiskutuq Be lazy! mikiskutut that he is lazy Mikiskutut pasuq nukayáw The lazy one is left behind.

kicá- VAI he recovers, feels better nukicá I feel better kicá s/he recovers kukicámun you and I recover sg : kicásh Feel better! pl : kicáq Feel better! kicátuk Let’s feel better! kicát that he feels better Yo kisk nukicá Today I feel better.

wiyayu- VAI he is happy nuwiyay I am happy wiyayuw s/he is happy kuwiyayumun you and I are happy wiyayutuk Let’s be happy! sg : wiyayush Be happy! pl : wiyayuq Be happy! wiyayut that he is happy Yo kisk wiyayuw Today he is happy . Pásawum nohsak! Nuwus’huqak wiyayuyôn Bring my grandchildren! They make me happy. Nuwus’huwôwak wiyayuhutut I make them happy. Námsh ni! Wiyayuwak Look at that! They are happy.

nushá- VAI he goes to be alone, withdraws noshá I go to be alone nushá he goes to be alone kunushámun you and I go to be alone sg : nushásh go to be alone! pl : nusháq go to be alone! nushát that he go to be alone Nushá wuci yáw kiskash He went to be alone for four days.

-isk NA DEP elbow niskak my elbows niskuk on my elbow Kusáhqunum niswi kiskak You broke both of your elbows.

mushuyôn- VII there is a great rain, a lot of rain, a downpour máshuyôhk that there is a great rain máshuyôhks whenever there is a great rain Kupqat; mushuyôn iyo kisk It is cloudy; there is a great rain today.

wôpusákáyu- VII it is gray wôpusákáyuw it is gray wôpusákáyush they are gray wôpusákáyuk that it is gray wôpusákáyuks whenever it is gray Kisuq wôpusákáyuw ni kisk The sky was gray that day.

páhkito- VTI he cleans it nupáhkito I clean it páhkitôw s/he cleans it kupáhkitomun you and I clean it sg : páhkitawush Clean it! pl : páhkitawoq Clean it! páhkitôk that he cleans it Nupáhkito nik asikiskôkush I clean my home daily.

qutáh- VTA he weighs him, measures him nuqutáhô I weigh him qutáháw he weighs him kuqutáhômun you and I weigh him qutáhutuk Let’s weigh him! sg : qutáh Weigh him! pl : qutáhohq Weigh him! qátáhôt that he weighs him Qutáháw wiyawhsash wámi kisk He weighs meat every day.
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