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cánaw ADV only, but, unless Skitôp mutu wáhtôw cánaw kôcuci uy wáhôt Manto A person does not know but a little unless knowing God.

kôcuci ADV a little bit, only a little Nuwacônô cánaw kôcuci muni I have only a little money.

muni NI money (English loan; usually used in plural) munish money munik on the money Nuwacônô cánaw kôcuci muni I have only a little money.

wacôn- VTA he has him nuwacônô I have him wacônáw s/he has him kuwacônômun you and I have him wacônutuk Let’s have him! sg : wacôn Have him! pl : wacônohq Have him! wáconôt that he has him Mus wacônáw uy n’hshum I will have her for my daughter-in-law. Mut nuwacônô awán, cánaw Manto I have no one, only God.

áypônihtu- VTI he makes it calm nutáypôniht I calm it áypônihtuw s/he calms it kutáypônihtumun you and I calm it sg : áypônihtush Calm it! pl : áypônihtuq Calm it! áypônihtut that he calms it Cánaw Manto áypônihtuw mushuyôn Only God calms the storm.

áwipu- VAI he is calm nutáwip I am calm áwipuw s/he is calm kutáwipumun you and I are calm áwiput that he is calm áwipuhutut that they are calm Cánaw skitôpak yotay kutáwipumun We are the only people calm here.

wuci PREP from, of, for Cits kátunaw wuci wisq Remove the bird from the bowl. Mut tápi nuwacônum cáqan cánaw wuci Manto I cannot have anything only from God.

awán PRON who (in questions), someone, anyone, whosoever awának everyone Awán nákum? Who is she? Manto wikuw, sômi ni mut nuwacônô awán cánaw Manto God is good, because I do not have anyone only God.

iyaki- VII it is, it exists (not used with a location) iyaki it exists iyakish they exist iyakik that it exists iyakiks that they exist Wutôtunum shayak, qá náwáw iyakak cánaw kucohkônah He pulled down the robes and saw that it was only a doll.

wuskinu- VAI he is young, new nuwuskin, noskin I am young wuskinuw s/he is young kuwuskinumun, koskinumun you and I are young wáskinut that he is young Ôkatuq Áyasunôt nitay. Mutáwi wuskinuw! Canaw páhpohs There is Leading Cloud. She was very young. She was just a child! Winu nuwuskin ôtay I was very young.
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