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cáhqin NI partially subterranean house with a sod roof, a sod house cáhqinsh sod houses cáhqinuk in the sod house Yoht áhta wutak cáhqinuk A fire is located at the back of the sod house.

-ik NI DEP home, house, lodge (see also: wicuw, cáhqin, kamuq, wiqám) nik my home nikash my homes nikuk in my home wik his/her house kikun our (yours and my) home mik someone’s home Qá cáyhsah wikuk nipawak wutômohkunahutut wuci ahkik And the elders of his house stood to raise him up from the earth. Nuwikôtamumun yo natawahuwôk, wipi côci nupásawômun páhpohs i nikuk We have enjoyed this visit, but we have to take our baby home.

nukôni INIT old (only of objects, not people) Nukôni cáhqin áhtá waskici wacuwuk The old house is located upon the hill.