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ayômi PREP inside (of), in Ayômi nicishuk áhtásh wômansh The eggs are in my hands.

ô- VAI he goes (to a place) nutô I go ô s/he goes kutômun you and I go sg : ôsh Go! pl : ôq Go! ôtuk Let’s go! ôk that he goes Iyo, ayômi k’thanuk ôk Now they go into the ocean. Ôtuk i otán Let’s go to town.

manotá NI basket manotásh baskets manoták in the basket Kuwihqitumôsh, manotá nimskamsh Please get the basket. Ayômi manoták ponamsh pawanatôk put the fan in the basket.

wiwaqutum- VTI he talks about it nuwiwaqutum I talk about it wiwaqutum s/he talks about it kuwiwaqutumumun you and I talk about it sg : wiwaqutumsh Talk about it! pl : wiwaqutumoq Talk about it! wiwaqutuk that he talks about it Iyo ‘ayômi’ tá ‘pahqaci’ wiwaqutumutuk Now let’s talk about “in” and “out”.

wômôyáwôk NI love (abstract) wômôyáwôkanuk in love Wômôyáwôk mihkunum ayômi qáshuwtuwôk it wikun Love holds within it a promise to do good.

asu CONJ or, either ( mut asu: nor, neither) Sápahik mut asu kusaputá asu sôyôqat The soup was neither hot nor cold. Mucáq ayômi kisuquk asu áhkik wipi Manto tápáyat Nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God suffices. Niwuci iyo áhqi niyuwantamoq, asu áhqi musqôhtamoq kahakáwôwak Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves.

wáhsumowôk NI emitted light, a shining forth wáhsumowôkansh emitted lights wáhsumowôkanuk in the light Wáhsumowôk piyômuw wuci kinikanik ayômi sákák tupkuwuk A light is coming from the window into the dark night.