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asu CONJ or, either ( mut asu: nor, neither) Sápahik mut asu kusaputá asu sôyôqat The soup was neither hot nor cold. Mucáq ayômi kisuquk asu áhkik wipi Manto tápáyat Nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God suffices. Niwuci iyo áhqi niyuwantamoq, asu áhqi musqôhtamoq kahakáwôwak Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves.

pásuq NUM hundred Wánuks apuw yotay yaw-pásuq katumuwash The white man has been here four hundred years.

ápasum NA an opossum ápasumak opposums ápasumuk on the opposum Ápasum wuniconah nayiyumuk The opposum carried her babies on her back.

awasu- VAI he warms himself, warms up nutawas I warm up awasuw s/he warms up kutawasumun you and I warm up sg : awasush Warm yourself! pl : awasuq Warm yourself! awasutuk Let’s warm ourselves! áwasut that he warms up Piyôq! Awasuq naspi yoht Come! Warm yourselves by the fire.

mikásu- VAI he strives, contends numikás I strive mikásuw s/he strives kumikásumun you and I strive sg : mikásush Strive! pl : mikásuq Strive! mikásuk that he strive Awán mus numikásuq? Who will contend with me?

pasuqi- VAI he gets up, arise nupasuqi I get up pasuqi s/he gets up kupasuqimun you and I get up sg : pasuqish Get up! pl : pasuqiq Get up! pásuqit that he gets up Wôcak, pasuqiq Everyone, get up.

pôkasu- VAI he is crippled, disabled nupôkas I’m crippled pôkasuw s/he is crippled kupôkasumun you and I are disabled pôkasut that he is disabled Katawi nunáwô kucumôkusuw mukacuks pôkasuw I am going to see the pitiful boy who is lame.

qutáh- VTA he weighs him, measures him nuqutáhô I weigh him qutáháw he weighs him kuqutáhômun you and I weigh him qutáhutuk Let’s weigh him! sg : qutáh Weigh him! pl : qutáhohq Weigh him! qátáhôt that he weighs him Qutáháw wiyawhsash wámi kisk He weighs meat every day.

qutáham- VTI he weighs it, measures it nuqutáham I weigh it qutáham s/he weighs it kuqutáhamumun you and I weigh it qutáhamutuk Let’s weigh it! sg : qutáhamsh Weigh it! pl : qutáhamoq Weigh it! qátáhak that he weighs it Qutáhamsh mituq nák wuqunôhqusuwôk Measure the tree to see its height.

uyasun- VTA he leads him there, leads him to a certain place nutuyasunô I lead him there uyasunáw s/he leads him there kutuyasunômun you and I lead him there uyasunutuk Let’s lead him there! sg : uyasun Lead him there! pl : uyasunohq Lead him there! áyasunôt that he leads him there Mus kutuyasuquw mátqamtunayo kiht’han He will lead you to the western ocean.
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