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aspumi ADV still, yet Aspumi kuwuskinumun iyo We are still young now.

wikco- VAI he is good-looking, handsome, pretty nuwikco I am handsome wikco s/he is handsome kuwikcomun you and I are handsome wikcotuk Let’s be pretty! sg : wikcosh Be pretty! pl : wikcoq Be pretty! wikcot that he is handsome Wámi wikcupanik They were all so handsome. _Aspumi_ kuwikcumun We are _still_ good looking. Mut nuwikináwô skok cipay. Piyámáq wikco I do not like to see the snake spirit. The fish is handsome.

wusámipowin NA a glutton wusámipowinak gluttons wusámipowinuk on the glutton Qut Cáhnamit, wusámipowin, háhanuw qá iwá: ‘Piyôsh! Mutu áhqish! Mutu nuyumwáhô aspumi.’ But Cáhnamit, the glutton, laughed and said: ‘Come on! Don’t stop! I am not full yet.’