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as ADV while¹, still², before³ Iyo Cáhnamit wikôtam áput yôwaput wuci wikun wuci qániqôpáks, as nush wiyokanah mutu wáhtôk cáqan i, asu totay áyôt Now Cáhnamit liked staying away from home for a long time, during which his wife did not know what he did, or where he went.

uy PART 1as, in such a way, thus, how, so 2(yo uy: this way) Kuti cáqansh yo uy You do things this way .

aniyuham- VTA he has an advantage over (him), gains on (him) nutaniyuham I gain on him aniyuham he gains on him kutaniyuhamun you and I gain on him ániyuhamôt that he gains on him aniyuhamutuk Let’s gain on him Mutáwi sayakati cimáw aniya ôk ásqam, qá paswôsi aniyuhamôt yôpi He paddled harder than ever, and soon began to gain on her again.

asu CONJ or, either ( mut asu: nor, neither) Sápahik mut asu kusaputá asu sôyôqat The soup was neither hot nor cold. Mucáq ayômi kisuquk asu áhkik wipi Manto tápáyat Nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God suffices. Niwuci iyo áhqi niyuwantamoq, asu áhqi musqôhtamoq kahakáwôwak Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves.

natotum- VTA he asks him, questions him nunatotumô I ask him natotumáw s/he asks him kunatotumômun you and I ask him natotumutuk Let’s ask him! sg : natotum Ask him! pl : natotumohq Ask him! nátotumôt that he asks him Natotum. Páhki wáhtôw, páhki mut Ask him. Maybe he knows, maybe not.

puqi NI dust, ashes puqiyuk in the dust Mucaq asqshôk wik wipi puqi Nothing remained of his home, but ashes.

wacôn- VTA he has him nuwacônô I have him wacônáw s/he has him kuwacônômun you and I have him wacônutuk Let’s have him! sg : wacôn Have him! pl : wacônohq Have him! wáconôt that he has him Mus wacônáw uy n’hshum I will have her for my daughter-in-law. Mut nuwacônô awán, cánaw Manto I have no one, only God.

wacônum- VTI he has it, keeps it nuwacônum I keep it wacônum s/he keeps it kuwacônumumun you and I keep it wacônumutuk Let’s keep it! sg : wacônumsh Keep it! pl : wacônumoq Keep it! wácônuk that he keeps it Nutaposuwôk-cupukamukanuk, nuwacônum ahutanishunimuk wôk In my kitchen, I have a stove also. Wiqam mut mô kuwacônum, totay ápuhutut kukucohkônak Didn’t you have a [Indian] house where your dolls lived? Nuwacônumumun yoht wáci napukak We keep a fire for the dead. Kunámumô cahshinsh wácônumak yotay? Do you see how much we have here? Cumôkusu inskitôp mut wacônum munish Poor Indian he has no money.

wihqitumaw- VTA 1he asks him for it, asks it of him 2( kuwihqitumôsh: ‘please’) nuwihqitumawô I ask him for it wihqitumawáw s/he asks him for it kuwihqitumawômun you and I ask him for it sg : wihqitumaw Ask him for it! pl : wihqitumawôhq Ask him for it! wihqitumawôt that he asks him for it Qá ôqánumwut wihqitumaw Manto And when he was in affliction he entreated God.

kipi ADV quickly, fast, hastily, in a hurry Apiq kipi qihshô The flea jumps quickly.
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