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apu- VAI he is located, sits, stays, is at a place nutap I am located apuw he is located kutapumun you and I sit sg : apsh Stay! pl : apuq Stay! aputuk Let’s sit áput that he sits Awán tápi akitusuw, ôtay mus wáhtôw cáqan apuwát Manto iwát Anyone can read, then he will know everything is as God says.

matapu- VAI he sits down, is seated numatap I sit down matapuw s/he sits down kumatapumun you and I sit down mataputuk Let’s sit down! sg : matapsh Sit down! pl : matapiq Sit down! mátaput that he sits down Taspowôkanuk mus numatap I will sit at the table. Kuski nahak mátapsh Sit by me. Mátapiq wuci nahakánônak Sit with us, you all!

yôwapu- VAI he is far away, far off nuyôwap I am far off yôwapuw s/he is far away kuyôwapumun you and I are far away yôwaput that he is far away Mô kuyôwap, qut iyo kuputuki wik You were far away, and now you have returned to your home.

ciqunapu- VAI he is quiet, sits still nuciqunap I am quiet ciqunapuw s/he is sitting still kuciqunapumun you and I are sitting still sg : ciqunapsh sit still! pl : ciqunapuq sit still! ciqunaputuk let’s sit still! ciqunaput that s/he is quiet Mutu, mut mus kunáwuqun yotay, wipi ciqunapsh, skôt kumuskawuq! No, he won’t see us here, but be quiet or he will find you!

qáhshapu- VAI he is ready nuqáhshap I am ready qáhshapuw s/he is ready kuqáhshapumun you and I are ready qáhshaputuk Let’s get ready! sg : qáhshapush Get ready! pl : qáhshapuq Get ready! qáhshaput that he is ready Nuqáhshap pôhpuyôn I am ready to play. Kuqáhshapumun. Pupiqátuk We are ready. Let’s play music. Qáhshapuwak môcihutut They are ready to go.