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apon NA oyster aponak oysters aponuk in the oyster Tôn kumohô aponak How do you eat oysters? Nuponam sát nutaponuk kisutacik I eat salt on my cooked oysters.

‘papon NI chair (alternative spelling: ahpapon) paponsh chairs paponuk in the chair Yo ôkutak papon This is another chair; Nis paponsh áhtásh nikunônuk There are two chairs in our house; Nuwikôtam mátapuyôn kupaponuk I like sitting in your chair.

natskam- VTI he looks for it nunatskam I look for it natskam s/he looks for it kunatskamumun you and I look for it natskamutuk Let’s look for it! sg : natskam Look for it! pl : natskamoq Look for it! nátskak that he looks for it Natskam yôpko aponuk Look for the jewel in the oyster.

quni- INIT long Yo u_quni_paponuw. _Quni_papon This is their long chair (couch). Long chair (couch). _Quni_yôwat Long, long ago…